SlingPlayer Downloads


On the site it is a bit hard to find the downloads for the Slingplayer download for Windows or the Mac.

We have simplified how you can find them by compiling a list of the direct links for the Stand Alone SlingPlayer, Sling Catcher and other programs from Sling Media.

SlingPlayer-1.0.10 for Mac

SlingPlayer for Windows version Global

SlingPlayer for Windows

Last Version of SlingPlayer for Windows - US version

Last Version of SlingPlayer for Windows - UK version

Sling Catcher Sling Projector program

Sling Link Utility V1.1

Windows SmartPhone version

Sling Sync for Sling Catcher for Windows

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  9 Responses to “SlingPlayer Downloads”


    boy this has to be the most fantastic use of the computer to date, you
    people have done a bang up job it is wonderful and I’m going to enjoy
    the great use. Thanks for this great product.


    You guy’s are the best I called the support line, the chat line, tried it all and you guys had the simpelist download and answers. At last real answers for the lamen thank you so much will tell everyone.


    will slingplayer work on my desktop (win7-64) i have slingbox 350 and it works fine thru my IE9 browser, but i would like a stand alone (scaleable) player on my desktop, instead of a browser….can this be done ?


    Far as I know the answer is no. You must use the web browser on your 350.


    Have slingbox 500 but slingplayer can’t get over 632 Kbps on auto or HD even with download speeds registering over 19mbps , anyone experiencing this problem. Sling support has no clue.


    Nice Job, well done


    Nice Job, well done rhanks.


    Nice Job, downloads seem trouble free


    which download is for the original classic slingbox.