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If you are thinking about getting one of the new Slingbox 350 or 500 models you need to know that some of the previous features available for older Slingboxes are not currently available for these new Slingboxes.

Sling Media has stated “Some of the features that were available in the previous version of Watch on Slingbox.com are now not available with the Slingbox 350 and 500. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we are looking at implementing these features in the near future.”

So what’s missing? Here is a list they provide.

Internet Viewing setup in Watch on Slingbox.com You can no longer use the advanced Internet setup to configure your Slingbox and/or ports.
Custom remote BIN file upload You cannot currently upload a custom remote BIN file.
Now Available
Localization for non-US English languages The new Watch currently only supports US English and is intended for use in the US and Canada.
Proxy support for Windows-based computers A network proxy allows an application (such as SlingPlayer) to bypass a network firewall. Past versions of Setup on Slingbox.com allowed you to enter your proxy information.
Now Available
Updating your Slingbox from the SlingPlayer client Cloud-based firmware updates initiated by the Slingbox itself are the only means of updating your Slingbox firmware.
Changing the Slingbox volume during setup This feature was primarily used to turn down the volume from the player itself. You can still turn your system volume down normally.
Enhanced channel change settings You can’t customize your Guide or Channel Number field behaviors if things don’t work as expected

The obvious huge hole that we see missing is the ability to use a custom remote bin file.  If you are not familiar with what a custom remote bin file is that may not sound like much.  Sling Media has included hundreds of remote codes and skins that control the devices you have connected to your Slingbox but there is no way they can create one for every type of device out there.  You may own a newer product that they are not aware of or may want to control and view a web camera or security camera. In the past you could create a remote control file for it and install it on your Slingbox. At this time if your device is not listed you are out of luck if you have a 350 or 500.

Proxy support is not available nor is the advanced setup to choose which IP address the box uses or it’s port.

What they fail to mention in the features not available is the usage of the Stand Alone SlingPlayer program. Even though it was discontinued the Slingplayer program works fine with all the other Slingboxes and to this day many people still use it since it has features that the web player does not. For example the dock right/left, the video only or the always on top feature.

They also don’t mention it but Slinging with Windows XP is now not a supported.  Not a big issue but there seems to be a lot of people that still use XP due to machine type or that they haven’t needed to update their older computers.

For most users these missing features won’t be an issue but the inability to use a custom remote we see as a big issue.  We hope that feature will be added back in soon.

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