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How To Create Custom Remote Control Files for SlingPlayer and Hava
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June 29, 2011
12:45 pm
James Uanis

Following up on the last comment from Alan Richey - the Motorola QIP 7232 does not work with ANY of the Motorola codes available in the slingbox setup software. Obviously, all Motorola boxes do NOT use the same codes.

June 29, 2011
1:03 pm
Alan Richey

Forum Posts: 1305
Member Since:
August 24, 2010

Actually I didn't say all Motorola boxes used the same codes, I said all Motorola QIP boxes uses the same codes.   And the QIP 7232 definately uses the same codes as the QIP 7216, and there is a Custom Remote for that at

June 30, 2011
3:21 pm

Thks for the tip on the Motorola 7216 .bin.  Sadly, I'm still at a loss.  After putting the V2010_PL.bin in my SBAV folder, I went through the setup procedure, selected "DVR" as my hardware type, "other" as manufacturer, and input V2010 in the alternative field.  The .bin file was read successfully - but when I press the power button - nothing happens.  

My IR blasters are correctly aimed, no network problems, etc.  I can't figure out why this refuses to work.  

I also located a RDMU file listed as specifically for the QIP 7232, and used RemoteMaster to export as a .bin   But I certainly must have made a wrong selection somewhere in RemoteMaster, because that .bin also didn't react when the power button was pushed.  

Stranger yet, my old remote control for the QIP 6416 actually works on the QIP 7232.  But the QIP 6416 slingbox Remote doesn't work on the 7232.  A rep in tech support at Verizon FiOS (my cable provider), said that's not unusual at all - the remote codes "might not be exactly the same" as the Verizon codes in the physical 6416 remote - and thus might be good enough to operate the 6416, but not the 7232.

slingbox has set up a new remote "learning" site - but you need to be in front of your slingbox and TV, with that URL up and running, while you manually learn your remote, button by button, directly into your slingbox.  Since I won't be back in the same room as the slingbox for another 2 months, I'm desperately searching for an alternative...

Any ideas?  Anyone?

June 30, 2011
4:43 pm
Alan Richey

Forum Posts: 1305
Member Since:
August 24, 2010

I take it you have actually checked the IR Blasters are firing ?

June 30, 2011
4:56 pm

Well, truth be told, no, I didn't check them before I left.  These were the very same IR Blasters that had been connected to the very same slingbox Pro HD, blasting away at the original Motorola QIP 6416 without any problems.  In fact, even when the adhesive came loose from the STB and the Blasters lost their optimal position right in front of the 6416's IR port, they still performed flawlessly.  

That these same IR Blasters could spontaneously fail at exactly the moment that I upgraded the set top box, never occurred to me.  I was careful to check the IR cable connection to the slingbox, and the aim of the Blasters to the new 7232's IR port.  All was fine.


June 30, 2011
5:20 pm
Alan Richey

Forum Posts: 1305
Member Since:
August 24, 2010

Last time this happened to someone it turned out his wife had knocked the Blasters onto the floor during cleaning Smile

June 30, 2011
5:46 pm

No wife, no house cleaners, no pets...  

I have the ability to power cycle the slingbox Pro HD remotely - I've been doing that, but it hasn't helped.  I noticed the old Fios Remote, that controlled the QIP 6416 was a Philips - the new one I got with the 7232 is a model P265 v1 - not sure who the manufacturer is.  

As I mentioned earlier, it seems very strange that the FiOS 6416 remote control can also control the 7232, but the slingbox version of the 6416 can't.  

Is there a way to reset the slingbox Pro HD remotely (beyond just cycling the electric connection, as I've been doing)?  

Any other ideas in mind, other than the clumsy, floor-cleaning wife?  Confused

June 30, 2011
6:09 pm
Alan Richey

Forum Posts: 1305
Member Since:
August 24, 2010

Nope, that was my final shot.  Sorry

June 30, 2011
6:13 pm

Well, I appreciate the input.  When I figure it out, I'll post what the cause was...

Thanks again...

July 10, 2011
11:39 am

I've been having the same issues. Please let me know if you come up with a solution.

August 19, 2011
8:29 am
Brandon C

Forum Posts: 1567
Member Since:
April 19, 2010

Kammersg says:

cant find remote (model) for Pace TDS865NV and cant find code so I can get it working on my Solo (IR)

Did you try all the other Pace remote codes? Sometimes one that is close will work.

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