How to set up SlingPlayer 2.0 on Linux! 16

How to set up SlingPlayer 2.0 on Linux!

Article created by member Matt M. Slingbox Linux

This article will get you started watching your Slingbox using Slingplayer 2.0 on your Linux box. We have added some scripts that will help you get started quickly and a video showing you the steps involved.

All feedback welcome but be sure to read the “Know issues”  that we are looking into at this time.

You will first need to download and install Wine 1.3

1. Download WINE 1.3 beta from WineHQ ( )

Ubuntu users can enter these commands in the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine1.3

2. Download and extract these script files.

This will give you 2 scripts:

sling2setup – the script to automatically download SlingPlayer, configure WINE, and install SlingPlayer

slingPlayerLinux – an optional script that AFTER EVERYTHING WORKS you can use to launch SlingPlayer without getting the mscorsvw.exe error and automatically disable Gnome power-management while you’re watching TV so your computer won’t go to screen saver/sleep in the middle of your show

3. Make sling2setup executable, and run it

a. Open a terminal and “cd” to the directory where you extracted sling2setup

b. Run the command “chmod +x sling2setup” to make it executable

c. Execute the script by running “./sling2setup” and follow the directions

4. If you aren’t on your LAN, you MUST first set up SBProfile.xml.  If you are on your home network, you can just open SlingPlayer and do this later.

To create/edit SBProfile.xml, you have two options:

b. You can copy a preconfigured SBProfile.xml from another working computer

a. You can download and run my tool to add your SlingBox to SBProfile.xml.  It is available in our Downloads area here.

The program uses Sun Java, if you need Java you can get it for free at

This program was originally to be used on Windows, and auto-detect the path to SBProfile.xml on Windows XP, Vista, and 7 but I have updated the app to streamline use on Linux, specifically to make the installation go smoother (it will auto-detect the location of SBProfile.xml in the WINE folder like it does for Windows)

NOTE: The correct location for SBProfile.xml on Linux will be at

~/.wine.slingplayer2/drive_c/users/Public/Application Data/Sling Media/SlingPlayer/2.0/SBProfile.xml

You should NOT use the SBProfile.xml in the HPQP folder.

5. Now you need to open SlingPlayer from the original WINE shortcut at least once to ensure it works.

*Click “Close” on the mscorsvw.exe error

*Click “No” on any script errors (Internet Explorer / Sling Accounts)

6. If it works correctly, you can now use my SlingPlayerLinux script (optional)

Make the script it executable (like we did in step 3) and make a shortcut for your desktop/menu

That’s it you are all set to go.

Special Features:

*Doesn’t let mscorsvw.exe run (so it won’t generate an error)

*Auto-disables Gnome Screensaver & power-saver

*Re-enables Gnome Screensaver & power-saver after you close SlingPlayer

Known Issues:

-Sling Account does not work (and any associated features)

-TV Guide does not work (depends on Sling Account)

-Setup/Firmware Update might not work (didn’t try, I’m afraid I’ll break something)

References: WineHQ and all the old comments by other people trying to make this work

Here is a complete video on the setup. You will notice the audio is not in sycn with the Slingplayer video. That is due to my video copying software and not the program itself. The Slingplayer audio and video are completely in sync.

Special thanks to Matt M. for this helpful article. If you would like to contribute an article yourself to be posted on here you can contact us using the tab above.

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16 thoughts on “How to set up SlingPlayer 2.0 on Linux!

  • mjsmith

    I’m using Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook and wine 1.3 and I have had zero luck getting SlingPlayer to work. I have also tried it using wine 1.2. The installer hung after producing an error at the end forcing me to ctrl+c in the terminal after waiting for about half an hour just in case. Regardless, everything was installed but when I go to actually run SlingPlayer wine spits out some errors and quits. I pasted the output at

    Since you said it works fine using Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop I wonder if you have any free time to try it using Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook. I would but I just finished setting up the system again after converting it over from a Wubi install into a native one and downloading the 10.10 Desktop image will take forever on my connection.

    Also your last post was in November which makes wine1.3 probably 1.3.6 or earlier which is also the last reported working version on wine appdb. =\

  • Matt M


    There seems to be an issue on WINE 1.3.11 with something hanging after you click “Finish” on the SlingPlayer installer (betweens steps 3-c and 4)

    Solution: wait about 2-3 minutes to be sure it’s really stuck and not just slow. If it continues to hang and nothing is changing on the terminal window after waiting a few minutes, press CTRL+C only ONCE and it will continue following directions.

    I have tested this on Ubuntu 10.04 without any adverse effects.

    -Matt M

  • Matt M

    Yes, those errors are perfectly normal.

    If you watch the video of it being installed, you see I got those too. It doesn’t seem to affect anything.

  • Matt M

    Yes, both of those errors are normal.

    If you watch the video of it being installed, you can see I got similar messages. It doesn’t seem to affect anything, just click “OK” and ignore them.

  • Matt M

    Yes, those errors are normal. WINE isn’t 100% perfect but it does enough for what SlingPlayer requires.

    If you watch the video clip of SlingPlayer being installed, you can see I got similar messages. They don’t appear to have any effect so just click OK and move along.

  • wvusoldier

    I received the “Unable to register SlingSDK. Please contact your system administrator to install this software.” error as well. It didn’t appear to have any effect on the installation however. I suspect that we can disregard it.


  • wvusoldier

    Matt M.

    Relevant Specs:
    Ubuntu 10.10 x64
    Remote Slingbox

    I’m having an issue at the VERY end of this process.

    [possibly relevant] Throughout the entire process explained below, while SlingPlayer is open, it informs me that it is “Downloading Updates”… [/]

    Once Slingplayer loads and begins trying to connect to the SlingBox, I get ~5 minutes of the SlingPlayer “Connecting.” Then I get a “Program Error” dialogue box informing me that SlingPlayer.exe has encountered serious errors and needs to close.

    The program appears to continue for a while after I close that dialogue box. As (or shortly after) I close that dialogue box, SlingPlayer changes from “Connecting” to “Optimizing.”

    If I attempt to close SlingPlayer out after my dialogue box it continues to run in the background and I must then kill the actual process.

    If it helps, I can email you a capture file from wireshark…

    Otherwise, I’m VERY impressed at how far you’ve gotten this thing to come along, and I enjoyed the scripting, heh. Good Job!

  • wvusoldier

    Am I a dummy? Why are these comments showing up out of chronological order?

    Related to my last post: Wine version 1.3.12

  • Chris Brunner

    I’m having the same issue. 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 (two different systems).

    wine-1.3.13 on the 10.10 system and 1.3.11 on the 11.04 system.

    I would kill to get this working. Okay, not really, but I really would pay someone if they can get it figured out.

    I would love to be able to watch the content on my TiVo without sitting in the living room.

    Thank you, Matt, for getting me this far. It is greatly appreciated.

    Seriously — I’ll pay someone if they’re willing to get it figured out.

  • wvusoldier

    That worked!

    After having tried the installation the previous way, simply reverting to Wine1.2 did the trick.


  • Matt M

    Bad news everybody — I haven’t found a workaround to WINE breaking SlingPlayer.
    Worse news — now the netbook I had working updated WINE in the last week or so and the one that was working now doesn’t.

    Stay tuned… 🙁

  • Andrew

    I have managed to get round the missing library errors by installing d3dx9 rather than directx9 in the sling2setup script – it does mention this during the install.

    I have also pointed to download the newer player from

    Currently it loads prompts for password to connect and the lights on the slingbox come on but then I get a error “There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Please Try again. ”

    Anyone any advice on this ?


  • arb8n

    The DLL problem seems to be caused by how the newer versions of winetricks install directx9. After following Matt M’s excellent guide and scripts, I grabbed an old version (20100618) of winetricks, used it to re-install directx9, and then repeated the slingplayer installation. It’s working now, independently of the wine version that I install.

    That said, the performance of slingplayer leaves a lot to be desired. I encountered four problems in particular (if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know):
    1. I get three pop-ups from DirectX (one security warning and two script errors) every time I run the program. They seem harmless, as it continues once I close them out, but they’re annoying.
    2. I have intentionally forced my slingbox to use SNATT rather than TCP because of problems with the latter over long-latency connections. That already makes the initial connection time long (about 1 minute) in windows, but in wine it’s even longer (a few minutes) and borders on unusable.
    3. Attempting to change the video resolution caused the program to hang. What’s worse is that it hangs before it records my preference, so I can only see the crappy QVGA.
    4. Streaming is slow and less consistent than in windows. I normally get around 600-700kbps consistently, but under wine it varies between 300 and 500 or so. I even get the dreaded buffer under runs, where it just says “optimizing” forever.


  • arb8n

    I’m running Ubuntu 11.04 (actually the Lubuntu variant, but if anything that should make it less likely to work), 32-bit, on an old Sony vaio laptop.

    I take back my comment on it working with any version of wine. I initially got it working under 1.3.11 and then installed various other versions, including 1.2.3 and 1.3.28, to check that the dll problem had gone away. However, I didn’t try letting it go all the way to streaming video until today, and a new problem came up under the latest versions. Right when the video is about to start, a “Program Error” window pops up saying that the program has crashed. Oddly, it keeps running after I close that out, but it doesn’t stream after that, just says “Optimizing”. So my setup only works under older versions after all, though for a different reason.

    Thanks again for the tips. I did manage to set the resolution to VGA, but the video is so choppy (perhaps because of the ancient hardware that I’m running it on) that I may just give up on this little experiment. (I’m really just trying to find a better use for this old machine than door stopper…)

    A few other notes while I remember them:
    * The latest release of winetricks fails to install ie6 because of a broken download link. That’s fixed in the current svn version.
    * I got the ActiveX scripting errors to go away by running internet explorer on its own. It loaded up the wine project webpage, found some scripting errors there, and asked if I want to ignore future errors.
    * The installation of directx9 with the latest version of winetricks was clearly broken on my system. It never asked me to agree to the EULA, though it did seem to copy all the same stuff. However, what tipped me off to it being a directx problem is that dxdiag wouldn’t even run. If that’s working on your system then it might be a different problem.

  • roadwarrrrrior

    So I think I’m VERY close to getting this working.

    I installed everything using your scripts. One thing to note is that I had to change “matthew” in the scripts to the proper username, not a complaint, just pointing it out.

    I also used the java script to make the SBprofile.xml which seemed to have worked.

    But here is my actual problem. I couldn’t do step 5 because I dont’ know where the actual wine shortcut is, but have been using the slingPlayerLinux script to run the slingbox. When I run the slingbox it loads up and then asks for the password to the slingbox, I put it in and I get a pop-up error saying

    “There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connecting again.
    Tell me more”

    When I hate tell me more link it takes me to slingbox help which just loads up forever.

    Any advice would be appreciated… if I get slingbox to work on linux, that will be the end of me needing to use another os.

  • vfrjim

    I think that I am very close in getting this working but when Slingplayer installs, I get an error of “error 1627- function failed” and Slingplayer install stops. Any ideas what is wrong?