Oct 242012

There have been a few questions in the forums about the Slingbox 500 power supply. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words… Here is an up close picture of the label.

Part number is: EMSA120300-P6P-SZ-C1.
It is 12 volts out instead of the usual 5 volts other Slingboxes use so don’t try this one on an old box!
It still shows 120-240V input same as the others.

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    Does the slingbox 350 use the same power supply?  I’d like to set one up in Japan (100VAC).

    I find it odd that the slingbox.com FAQ states:

    Can I use a US-purchased Slingbox in another country?

    A slingbox purchased in the US includes a US-specific 110V AC adapter, which only works in North America.


    slingbox 350 has a 5V 3A (100-240V) power supply.

    FAQ is wrong. Both US and European 350‘s have universal 100-240V power supplies.


    Thanks woodland!

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