Slingbox Solo Freezing, Stuck Optimizing, Losing Connection? Check the Capacitors 255

Over the last month or two there seems to be many complaints regarding the SlingPlayer Solo and it freezing, get stuck on optimizing, dropping the network connection, etc.

There can be several things that can cause this from poor router conditions, week or bad power supplies, high latency issues and more. As an example in this topic thread, Slingbox Pro-HD Freezes (“Optimizing”) while Streaming, alone there are over 900 views and 56 posts about different things to test and try. Some things have worked others not.

There are  over 3,000 views and hundreds of posts about it on the site. Some of the tips or tricks others have said worked but a lot of them have not.

If you have tried just about everything to get your Sling Media Slingbox SOLO working and your are at your wits end you may want to try this.

Please note; We are not recommending you take apart their Slingbox and void your warranty or if you just aren’t comfortable doing so, but there have been several reports of capacitors going bad in a SOLO.

If still under warranty we recommend you read a few posts ask a few questions and see if anything helps. If not the call Sling Media Support and have them walk you through some testing up to returning the box for warranty replacement.

What you want to do is look for bad capacitors.  Because as the capacitor ages or starts to go bad , its capacitance decreases while its equivalent series resistance (ESR) increases. When this happens, the capacitors no longer adequately serve their purpose of filtering the direct current voltages on thedevice , and instability results.

To take the box apart look for the  four screws under the rubber feet of the slingbox solo.  You have to pull the footpads off in order to see them.  After you unscrew those screws under the feet, the black main chassis comes apart in HALF.

Slingbox Solo Case Bottom

Then  you will see the red plastic.  Flip it upside down and there are 5 screws at the bottom.  unscrew that and you can finally pull off the case.

Inside Slingbox Case Bottom

Now you have access to the internal circuit board.

What you want to look at are the capacitors.

  • Bulging of the vent on the top of the capacitor. (The ‘vent’ is the impression stamped in the top of the can. The impression forms the seams of the vent. It is designed so that if the capacitor becomes pressurized it will split at the vent’s seams relieving the pressure rather than making it explode.)
  • Sitting crooked on the circuit board as the bottom rubber plug is pushed out
  • Electrolyte (a crusty brown substance) leaked onto the motherboard from the base of the capacitor
  • Venting from the top of the capacitor, visible as rust-like brown deposits, or a visible hole in the vent.

Capacitors  look like this.

Slingbox Solo Non Bulging Capacitor 1

If you see any that look like they are bulging at the top then those would be the suspect ones.

Here is an example of a bulging capacitor.

Slingbox Solo Bulging Capacitor 07

Here is an example of one good and one bad capacitor. The one on the left is good the one on the right is not.

Slingbox Solo Bulging Capacitor 02

What you would want to do is replace any capacitors that are bulging. If you have gone this far I would  guess if you are out of warranty ans ideas so it won’t hurt to try this.

You may just want to do this yourself. If so here is a great video with a little humor that tells you all about capacitor basics. Thanks to for the video.

You can order caps from places like or They generally run for under $1.00.

If not into soldering motherboards or worried about messing something up the any good TV repair shop should be abe to replace them for you.  They surely won’t guarantee that your Slingbox will work but they will be   competent enough to do the job.

If you do take your SlingBox Solo apart and find bad capacitors we would love to hear about it. Even if you decide not to fix them. If you do fix them and your problem is resolved then we would love to hear about that too!

Special thanks to jin for supplying the pictures and directions on taking apart the Slingbox Solo!.

You may also want to refer to these posts regarding tips, tools and techniques on replacing capacitors., Wikipedia,

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255 thoughts on “Slingbox Solo Freezing, Stuck Optimizing, Losing Connection? Check the Capacitors

  • jin

    haha, that video is great! i actually had no idea what capacitors did until now so am very pleased to learn something new. thanks for the write up and post brandon. if mystified and frustrated slingbox owners actually end up taking their boxes apart and see bulging caps, they will owe the solution to you.


  • Jason

    It would be great if you could supply the mouser part numbers. I have no second thoughts about changing them, it’s just making sure I get the right ones.

  • pwongkk

    ok guys, Sling support forum had banned me from posting further due to my insistance that the caps are the problems.

    As the Sling moderators keep deleting my posts there, this is a great place to post without them intefering further. Bad caps are sensitive words in that forum now. Never mind.

    I’ve just posted a review in where I bought my Solo in late 2008. After reading several other reviews, there are people there having the freezing problem as well. Therefore, this issue is not just confined to the Sling forum alone and is more widespread that what we thought.

    No wonder the folks over at Sling are trying hard to surpress information given by us.

    I hope the community of fustrated users would find their way here for more informative updates.

  • SMWinnie

    Same story here. Bought a Solo in late 2008. Slowly got less reliable and then wouldn’t connect. When I checked into warranty, it was $30 to start the support process. Thirty bucks is no big deal; the six hours of my time that this was going to take is. So I shelved the Solo and picked up a Hava.

    I read about the bad caps here and decided to crack the case. In the interim, SlingMedia shut down the old Sling Community and replaced it with a censored forum where mention of faulty capacitors is verboten. (Their argument: If people crack their boxes after reading the forum and their problem *isn’t* bad caps, then the customers get cheesed off at Sling. Seriously.)

    Cracked the case and found both the 470uf caps had visibly failed. Ordered replacements (and a replacement for the 220uf cap) from Wife is a biophysicist and laser table jockey. She swapped the caps out and chided me for not double-checking on the caps’ polarity*.

    Box is back in the rack and I’m getting 6Mbps local and Comcast’s upstream limit remote. So now, even though I don’t even have Dish Network I hate Charlie Ergen.

    * Wife adds one bit of speculation. If you insert a capacitor with reversed polarity, you can get a slow degradation of the electrolyte. She doesn’t remember if the original (faulty) capacitor on the board was inserted correctly (positive lead to the square hole).

  • SMWinnie

    My bad for editing what my wife said about polarity on the caps. She was suggesting that the “giant-brained engineers” that the Sling Media moderator/censor is leaning on for authority might want to take five seconds to check before packing the returned Solos for component level testing.

    I checked again tonight, and she definitely agrees with pwongkk that these caps should be a stinky mess if installed backwards. (If I understand her correctly, a slow death would require a sustained applied reverse voltage under a volt.)

  • Paul Abbott

    My SlingBox Solo started to die in exactly the way described by others…after perusing the incredibly long thread on Sling’s forums, I was directed here. I just took apart my SlingBox and what do you know…two bulging capacitors! I’m going online right now to order a soldering iron and some replacements.

    Thanks for posting this!

  • DanG

    I don’t know if I have the same problem you guys are referring to but I will explain it in case there is. I just bought a slingbox, hooked it up, and connected to it on my laptop. Got the remote control working and everything, played around for about 15 mins with no problems. Then decided to try accessing it on another computer in the house to see how that worked. It worked fine for a few minutes and then started to have connection problems where I would have to re-enter my password. It would work for 30 seconds or so, then cut out again, re-enter password. The working time became less and less until now it won’t even connect at all. I noticed the box is a little hot after the few hours since I unpacked it and tried to get it to work.
    Did I do something wrong by trying to access it on another computer? Could something inside have just heated up and eventually fried completely? I don’t want to open up the box as it is brand new, but does this sound like something I should send the box back for, or is it something related to my computers that I can fix without replacing the box?

  • Mark

    Well I hadn’t used my slingbox in quite some time. moved last August and the unit was setup idling away.
    Now I am English and an insanely passionate soccer fan. Live in Canada and with the world cup timeshifting I thought it may be nice to sit out on my patio and watch a game on my Laptop.
    My unit is a PRO-HD and it took a while for me to stumble across this link. The issue I had was that I could not connect to the slingbox over the phone or local. I went to look at the unit and there was no network light. Wasted a good hour, at first scratching my head and then trying to find a solution on line when all else failed.
    Slings website does have a mention that if you have no network light that you should look at everything else on not the slingbox.
    After reading through this post I decided to crack it open and check it out. Being a little bit hesitant as in the past I got screwed by doing this with my XBOX360, the next day they announced that they would honour all repairs of there cheap assembly also.
    Low and behold the 2 16V capacitors are bulging with leaking capacitors. I will be picking up a couple of capacitos tomorrow to replace. The unit will probably be better off for putting a better capacitor in the unit anyway and maybe get a few more years out of the unit
    Back to work on Monday, Lots of world cup soccer to watch and not enough hours in the day….Need my unit up and running fast.

    Thanks to all for their insight and success stories

  • Chris Crosby

    Just saw this Forum by chance as I have a slingbox solo beaming SKY to my son in the States. Yes, the common freezing problem on both local and internet….I kept thinking it was my internet connection but after reinstalling the software and the router several times with no improvement decided to look for another cause. The Slingbox help site didn’t and so I searched for more ‘independant’ advice. Having taken the cover off the Solo I saw the characteristic bulging 470uf capacitors and popped down to my local Maplins and bought 2 capacitors but with a rated voltage of 35v to be on the safe side…total cost…..88p….less than $1!! Soldering them in was fairly straightforward, but the solder did have a very high melting point so persistence was necessary! Put everything back and now it works perfectly running up to 4000+ kps on local and 1200kps on remote…..I am lucky to have a very fast connection. Reception in the USA is now totally stable and very high quality. Slingmedia really ought to come clean on this problem as their reputation is being damaged. It is essentially a great product.

  • Roland Stone

    Because of the release of Slingplayer for Android, I was about to run out and buy a Slingbox today. Then I started reading about the capacitor plague. So now what should I do?

    1. Buy a Slingbox Solo?
    2. Buy a Slingbox Pro HD?
    3. Buy an extended warranty?
    4. Buy a Hava?

    I have a Tivo HD, Verizon Fios and a Droid.

  • lizzybb

    My original problem started with the SlingCatcher giving me errors after about 15 or 20 minutes of running, which led me to assume the SlingCatcher had the problem. After all sorts of resets, I was still getting errors. I continued using the Slingbox with a laptop, since that was still working, but after a few days, even that started giving me the errors after just a few minutes of viewing. It was unusable. I did all sorts of reconfiguration of my router, tested my isp provider, etc etc. I refused to buy another router because I knew it worked with everything else in the house and I hadn’t changed anything on it when the problem started. I finally found this forum and decided to go for it. I opened it up last night and the capacitors were bulging. I bought the 35V capacitors at Radio Shack and bought a 40W soldering iron (the small one I had was not doing the job). I had never soldered anything in my life, so it took a little bit of work, some reading up on the internet, and $11.57 for parts, but it was WELL worth it! I ran the SlingCatcher for over 2 hours tonight and it looks great. I figured my unit was out of warranty so I had nothing to lose. Thanks for taking the time to set up this thread, it was invaluable!!

  • davee

    Changed out the Caps per instructions on this page. WORKED AS DESCRIBED!!!
    Total cost $15. ( Had local TV repair remove and solder new caps in for me)

    Slingbox better admit the problem and do something before their reputation is further tarnished. Great product, too bad they have such shady Cust Service.

  • davee

    Anyone else find that their SOLO is better after the Capacitor replacement, than it was fresh out of the box? Mine sure seems to be. Streaming is “stronger”, optimization is faster…it is an all around better unit now. Just wondered if I was the only one to notice this.

  • Marc

    Well, I changed my caps too. The 470uF ones were bulging at the top. I’m not the best person at soldering, but managed to get the job done without messing up the circuit board. Before it would work intermittently varying from 1-20 mins. I think maybe it depends on how hot it is? No idea.

    Now, it hasn’t disconnected yet. Been on for 10 hours now.

    Just chiming in,

  • ricklynchcore

    Thanks for this wonderful useful forum discussion and getting my slingbox solo, slinging again. Story:
    I was still under the 1 year hardware warranty when I began to display all the known capacitor problems. I began my dutiful time consuming, rediculous dancing thru hoops, drama with sling media. Of course they insisted it was a software problem etc…Finally got them to give me the rma to return my defective unit. Received my new unit today July 14, 2010. Set it up and guess what!!!!!!! Same problem. I cracked open the new box to discover two blown 470uf capacitors. I could not believe it. They sent me a broken replacement. Oh well, went to radioshack and picked up two 470uf 35v model #272-1030. I brought them over to the tv repair man who replaced them in about 7 minutes for no charge. Set up Slingbox and it has been humming perfectly for well over 1 hour. Prior to capacitor replacement it would not run for more the 5 minutes without the time out. Thanks all for the great information, I really appreciate it. Shame on Sling Media for such poor customer service.


  • Ashli

    Hi there,

    I went to the two links provided to order capacitors, but there are so many different types of capacitors, and I do not want to buy the wrong ones. Can anyone tell me which ones are the right kind for the Slingbox? My Slingbox has been giving me problems for so long now, I am optimistically excited to see if new capacitors will allow me to watch tv on it again!! Thankd for any help you can give me!

  • ece02006

    For quite a while, I have been unable to use the slingbox solo (~2.5 years old and definitely out of warranty) for more than 5 minutes without it de-authenticating. I opened up my slingbox, but the (Sanyo 16V 470uF) capacitors appeared normal. Desperate for a solution, I decided to replace the capacitors anyway. I went to Radio Shack and picked up two of the (only) 470uF 35V capacitors in the store for a mere $1.29 each, and replaced the two 470uF capacitors on the slingbox solo. My slingbox now works like it did when it was brand new!

    Thanks to everyone here for the helpful tips

  • Alfredo Villanueva

    I replaced my caps some time ago, it cost me 60 bucks by a tv repairman. He did a great job! Paid too much, but it is what it is, I’m happy! I’ve been saying the same thing to all and have posted this on the Sling forum, the company does not want to admit the problem. Just tell us those of us that do not have a warranty anymore. Quit trying to make money by keeping us on the phone and trying to tech support it. It is a common problem and should be the first thing to be discovered. Good luck.

  • Jess

    Thanks for the insight. I’ve had my solo for 8 months. It worked well the first 3 months or so and just got worse and worse as time went on. I went on to the Sling Box Solo forum and found that I wasn’t the only person with the problem, there’s hundreds of us out there. I saw someone posted a link to this site, and I’m so happy they did. I had a bulging capacitor. I replaced it for $1.39 and my Solo is working the best it ever has, I’ve been streaming as high as 5000 kbps. It’s awesome. Thanks so much.

  • ricklynchcore

    After jumping through a million hoops I finally got Sling to send a new solo to replace my under warranty model, only to receive another capacitor plagued unit. Got tired of dealing with them, replaced the 470 uf’s myself, and all has been humming well now for a month. Dstvasia did right, by my experiences.

  • Kevin

    I was having the same problems as other users in here … my Slingbox SOLO was running great for about 6-7 months, then it began to have periods of slow bps rates, usually disconnecting after about 20 seconds. Then ultimately i could not get my network to even recognize it at all. I called Slingbox support which is one of the worst support teams I have ever encountered. I told the tech support woman my symptoms and she simply asked me my LED activity and concluded with “Sir, your Slingbox is working fine” and then said if we wanted to dig further, it would cost $30 per topic.

    After trying everything I could and nearly throwing the damn thing out, I came across this thread. I opened up my Slingbox and sure enough, both 470uF caps were bulging. I pulled 2 capacitors off an old Dell motherbaord that were 470uF 16V and installed them and the box is working great again, like it was never broken. The only difference between the replaced caps is the rating for the Dell caps is at 85 degrees, while the old caps were at 105 degrees. Hopefully this doesnt come to be an issue.

    Thanks for putting this thread together. The Slingbox is a great product which unfortunate major design issues. Dont even bother dealing with Sling’s tech support. The user community knows more about their product than they do.

  • Dan

    My Slingbox Solo bought a little over a year ago developed exactly the same problems described above. And after cracking the case showed the same two caps bulging. Radio Shack had the equivalents. Fortunately the caps’ uncrowded location on the board allows relatively easy removal and installation (even with a crappy old soldering iron like mine).

    Thanks for the step-by-step presentation of the fix.

    Slingbox ought to be ashamed!

  • Rob

    My solo had the same connection drop problems after working for approx 18 mos. Although the 470uf caps looked ok, I replaced them with the radio shack caps, 470uf 35v. The procedure seemed to go fine and the polarity is correct. Now when I plug in my solo, the network light will flash (not the power light) and all lights go out in approx 5 seconds. No power.

    Any suggestion?

    Thanks, Rob

  • Mike

    SOLO freezing on me also, opened it up and found one of the two 470uf capacitors was bulging on the top. Went to Radio Shack and bought 2, went ahead and replaced them both to save myself from opening the unit a second time when the other failed (because I knew it would). Re-assembled it, fired it up, and have been slinging ever since……just in time for football…..YEAH BABY———GO REDSKINS. Thanks for the informative site.


  • vbejarano

    I just wanted to add another testimonial about the capacitor replacement…. I’m so stoked! I ran to Radio Shack and picked up 2 of the recommended caps (NOTE: They’re light blue and slightly bigger then then the orginal ones), I was able to easily take the unit apart and soldered them in myself…. I’ve now been watching my Slingbox Solo for several hours without my network connection dropping at all… and it may just be me, but it also appears to work much better then when I orginally bought it, as changing the channels seems more fluent without delays..

    Caps=$1.29 each, Solder=$3 a roll, Solder Wick=$2, Soldering Iron=$8

    I orinally called SoloMedia Tech Support, they were unwilling to assist without the $30 for out of warrenty support and/or $100 for an RMA to swap for a refurbished unit. And just when I thought there was nothing else I could do to fix this issue, I came across this extreamly informative information from…. Thank you everyone….

  • Cary

    I had the same issue. My slingbox solo would work for about 2 minutes, freeze, reboot, work for 2 minutes, then freeze and reboot again. I opened it up and saw that 2 of the capacitors were bulging. Brought the board to a TV repair man and he soldered on 35V capacitors. Brought it home and put it back together. The only issue is that the front panel would not go on all the way because the new larger capacitor would not allow the plastic surrounding the wires for the indicator lights to slide over top. No problem, just didn’t put one of the screws in and left it somewhat not all the way on. Plugged it in and it works fantastic. No reboots, no freezing, running solid.

    Thanks for the help with this issue!

  • JB

    i have a slingbox pro and no network light will come in (or even blink/try to come on) with the original adapter, and a replacement adapter, even after months of resetting, playing with all router/computer firewall settings etc. when i use a higher volt adapter, 9v, then both lights will come on, lan shows connected when i connect my slingbox pro directly to the computer, but it still comes up as not detected. I thought the bulging capacitor problem would be my savior, but i opened mine up and don’t see any problems, and fear that i have the same experience as “anothersmith” as described above. any ideas/suggestions? this slingbox pro worked fine for several months and then just stopped one day. any thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks all. jbgster at yahoo dot com jbgster @

  • Mark

    I had the same problem. only use when I travel few times a quarter. I took it apart and capacitors where blown. I will buy 2 tomorrow and replace it. I will post results online. Maybe law firm I work with would do a class action law suite. I bet we have 100,000 folks in the same boat.

  • Benjamin Brownfield

    First off I want to say thank you. Thank you for being diligant and finding a solution for this problem. My SOLO quit working when I moved from my apt to my house in April of this year. I figured it got damaged in the move, but from reading this, timeing is more along the lines of everyone else. It was freezeing and disconnecting every 5-10 sec. Since the start of football season i was about to go buy another one and pitch this one in the garbage, but a few minutes web searching and i found this forum and about an hour later my sling is like new. Combine this forum and some youtube clips about soldering and anyone, I MEAN ANYONE can do this. That was the best 10 bucks I’ve spent. Now I can watch my football games at work on my iphone and ignore, i mean help customers. Thank all of you again. Keep it up.

  • admin

    I am seeing the same kind of responses on the Slingbox Answers site but they are getting deleted almost as fast as they are posted. It’s apparent that Sling Media doesn’t want any negative posts regarding their hardware so I am glad you posted here about it.
    At least your posts and others can help people with the same problem.

  • Patchm00

    Just wanted to let you know that I opened my box and had 2 of the buldging capacitors. I replaced all 3 and will be testing tonight when I get home from work and report back what will hopefully be success!

    I got my caps from Radio shack (went to two, each one only had 2 caps) for $1.49 each.

  • Matt M

    For taking apart the SOLO, one important note not mentioned in the guide — you NEED to remove the sticker in the center bottom. It’s helping hold everything together.

    You have two options:
    1. slice it along the seem (don’t cut too deep or you could hurt the circuit board)
    2. use a flat edge knife blade to peel up the corner and then pull it off with your fingers

    I recommend the second option.

  • badmax

    I was getting all the symptoms as your tittle described. My SlingPlayer would only last for about 10 seconds then kick me out and ask me if I want to log back in (repeated all the time). Now, this started to happen to me last week and I was going out of my wits trying to figure out what’s going on. I was doing so much search on Google for a solution but none of them worked, till I ran into your tittle above in my search. I took my Solo apart and you were right, on your 6th picture above, the two capacitor on the left was swelled up. Went to Radio Shack and bought two 470uf 35 volt (272-1030). Unsolder the old one and put the new one on. Put it back together, reset the system and configure it and WALA is been streaming to my Blackberry Bold 9000 for the past hour and a half with out a hitch. Oh my God I can’t believe it. It’s been a long time since it ever stream without a hitch. Man I’m so happy, because I’m heading out of state tomorrow and wanted this to work. I just want say thank you a million time over,over, and over.

  • 1994MGoBlue

    Luckily a moderated post on was emailed to me prior to being “censored” and it brought me here. I also have this problem with my Sling Solo, it’s well out of warranty and I only paid $80 for it used off Craigslist a year ago. So I’ve nothing to lose. I opened the unit and definitely see that 2 of the capacitors are bulging. So I’ll be replacing them with the help of a ‘solder-knowledgeable friend’ or tv repair guy.

    Thanks so much for this information. Class-action lawsuits rarely do anything but make lawyers rich, but this is certainly a candidate for a class-action.

  • Kevin

    Finally got around to cracking open my SOLO today and sure enough, there were 2 bad capacitors. Quick run to RadioShack just as badmax did, picked up 2 new capacitors, installed them and so far no more issue. I’ve been using it for about 2 hours now without a hitch.

  • Phil

    Thanks so very much for this helpful information. I spent all day yesterday trying all the same stuff you guys tried – hard reset the SlingBox, change inputs, only have one input plugged in instead of three, remove all the Windows patches I installed last week, reboot everything on my home network, all of no use.

    Strange thing is, I only have the problem on my laptop. I can get my iPhone to play the slingplayer app for a whole show with no stops. But, both the web-based and the Windows SlingPlayer app freeze up after only a few minutes, whether I’m on my home network or on the road. I even flashed my laptop back to an image I took a month ago when I had no problems, and the problem still persists. Everything else on my home network works just fine, so I think I have to point the finger at the SlingBox itself, even though it plays fine on my iPhone 3GS with iOS 4 installed. Maybe the amount of conversion necessary for ah iPhone isn’t as great as a laptop? I dunno.

    Anyway, I’m going to take my SlingBox apart tonight and see about the capacitors. I have a Radio Shack with six capacitors for me if I need them. I’ll let you all know what I find.

  • Phil

    You guys are ROCK STARS!!! One of the three caps was bulged. I replaced the two that were identical and left the third one. Laptop’s been happily Slinging for over 20 minutes now. Gotta love it.

  • pissed@sling

    Another success here…. picked up two caps at RS and replaced them on the SlingSolo, works fine now. thanks for the informative post and pics.

    Cost me $3 in parts and my time to replace the caps. Cost SlingMedia a customer for life…
    I refuse to do any repeat business with a company the will not support it’s customers.

    Smart guys here diagnosed the problem and provided a fix. Looks to me like any of us that have applied the fix have solved the problem. Sling is handed the solution on a plate and they jerk customers around with $30 support fees and double talk and deleting posts on their forum. sorry, I don’t do business with these kind of Companies.

    Wake up sling and offer free repairs to users past the warranty period. it’ll be cheaper for you in the long run and you may actually retain a few customers.

  • Phil

    Forgot to mention the price. It cost me $11 to fix mine, but since my old soldering gun was all rusty and stuff, I bought a complete new soldering kit on sale at Radio Shack for $6.50 as part of the deal, and I also bought the third capacitor for $1.49 that I didn’t put in because only one person here replaced all three, but most folks just replaced the two 16V ones with 35V ones and had good results. Way better than paying lots and lots of $$ to Sling for their non-support, and getting a refurbished unit whose capacitors will be the same as the ones that went bad.

    Other folks have commented on how much better their Slingbox works now. I concur. Mine is much clearer, less distortion, smoother to scroll up and down the DirecTV lists, just better all around. If I ever decide to get the HD version instead of the SOLO, I’ll know what to do.

  • Pissed@Sling

    I just replaced the failing caps on my SlingSolo and fixed the problem reported here. thanks to those that have diagnosed this and provided a working solution to users out of warranty.

    I posted this simple info on the sling Answers Forum and was asked if I called for support. I replied no, why bother, I willnot pay a $3 support fee to argue with slingMeda support. I did 10 mins of research online, spent $3 on parts and did 30 mins of work to replace the caps, problem solved. Why bother to contact Sling and get the run around.

    … and of course this reply was deleted and I was banned from the forums. Way to go sling, nice way to enstill trust with your customers. I did not post anything false and was not offensive in my post, but the mod just deleted my post banned me. What a joke. I am so done doing business with sling.

  • Pissed@Sling

    Count me in for a class action suit. I don’t even care if all the money goes to the lawyers…. as long as Sling has to pay for a long expensive lawsuit, I’m for it.

  • Jason

    Add me to the list. Have been having problems with the Solo for about a year and a half. Have changed ISP, Antivirus and Firewall, played with settings but it still kept freezing.

    Have replaced the capacitors and it works perfectly, have just streamed for 3hrs with no problems. For info I couldn’t actually see anything wrong with the old capacitors when I took the box apart but replaced them anyway. I’ve also bought a separate stand for the Slingbox which will hopefully keep it cooler.

    Thanks for the help, I can’t believe Sling are still sticking their heads in the sand, it’s seriously damaging their reputation.

  • Kevin

    Thank you! My Sling Solo capacitors looked just like your pics, replaced them and it’s working perfectly. Maybe even better than before like several others have noticed. I was such a huge Sling fan up until this. I have an original Slingbox that is still running well. I decided to expand and got a Solo than started having problems less than a year into it. I almost trashed it since I couldn’t find any help on their forums. Thanks again for this post.

  • Bob

    Thank you! I have had a Solo for 13 months and it was working great until a few days ago. I had the same issue as others and my capacitors looked just like the ones in the pictures . I just purchased two capacitors (272-1030) for a total of $3.26 at Radio Shack. It has been running great now for 3+ hours now.

    I will post as many negative reviews as I can, since this is so irresponsible of Sling Media. I still enjoy using the Solo but I will no longer recommend it and never purchase their products again.

    Thanks for the post!

  • metalunna

    My Mother’s Solo was disconnecting after 5 seconds.
    Long story short:

    Took it apart. One of the 16v caps had burst open and had the brown crud on it. The other 16v cap is slightly bulged. The 3rd cap is fine.

    I went to Radio Shack and got a 470u 35v cap (they only had 1) for about $1.50. Bad thing is that I also picked up some other stuff. Radio Shack is like my “Walmart”. Go in for 1 thing, come out with 10.

    The fix was easy. One poster also mentioned that the original solder has a higher heat tolerance, so my 40w iron took some time. I recommend that you situate the board so that it is supported on both sides (raised up from the table a little). This will allow you to pull down on the Cap while you hit it with the iron.

    The solder loosened up and the cap came out. I popped the new one in and a small dab of solder fixed it in place.

    I hooked up the Solo and it has been steady. I will get around to fixing the other Cap (probably next time I hit the Shack).

    —– Now if I could just find a way to fix my 3 Sling Catcher/solo power supplies. I love Sling technology, but man, did they ever cheap out on hardware.

  • Dan

    Yep, I opened up my Solo that was freezing up after 1-2 minutes, and sure enough I found two bulging capacitors! It worked fine for about 18 months, so I suppose I should have unplugged it when I didn’t need it. Damn!

  • Dan

    Brandon & others: I just replaced the 2 bulging capacitors (actually I just had surgery on my hand, so I asked the guy at Radio Shack to do it for me — and, since it was a slow night, he did!) and now my Slingbox Solo is working fine again!!!

    The parts/flux/solder cost me about $10, so I gave him an extra $10 for helping me out. $20 to get this device working again was well worth it.

    So, this was the problem all along, My Slingbox Solo has been working fine for the past hour, but before that it would freeze up after 15 seconds to a minute. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! (and jin) for posting the solution & photos! — Dan

  • Jon

    Same story here. Slingbox freezing up after 5 minutes or so, replaced two failed capacitors (tops didn’t look like they had bulged too much, but I switched them out anyway) and now my Slingbox has been on without a problem for the last 8 hours straight. Bought some 35V capacitors as that’s all that my Radio Shack had. They were a bit bigger than what they replaced, but fit fine nonetheless.

    Of course I thought the reason for my failure was something with my wireless network, but it was indeed the Slingbox itself. Thanks for posting directions on this, love the Slingbox concept but the device/customer service doesn’t seem ready for primetime!

  • Rob S

    Add another to the list. I tried everything and couldn’t get anything to fix the problem. I found this posting, opened my Slingbox and found the capacitors to be bulging on top. I went to Radio Shack and spent $16 (includes a capacitors, solder, and soldering iron kit). It took my 15 minutes to replace then and my box has been streaming perfectly ever since and I am getting throughput of nearly 5000 kbps without issue. Thanks!!!!! I replaced the 470/16s with 470/35s. Wondering if the voltage spec on the original ones is just too low?

  • Jin

    Mine was doing exactly what everyone else was describing. We swapped out the bad capacitors, and it’s so much better. Thanks very much for this tip. Should have done it a while back!

  • Aaron Adetuyi

    Wow thanks for the help. My Solo had two blown capacitors and it was an easy fix. It’s a shame that the Sling company is making a product that doesn’t last long.

  • Roveer

    I”m sitting here laughing. With a problem like disconnects there are so many things that could be causing the problem. I’ve been having this problem over the past several months and just figured it was something on my network. Today I decided to google the error code and came across this thread. A quick trip to RS and a little soldering and now i’m sitting here watching my sling box disconnect free. Simply amazing. This internet thing is pretty good…

  • Bob Lindquist

    Thanks for this fix. Replaced the capacitors this afternoon, and now the slingbox is up and running again fine. Anyone know it there is a similar fix for the Slingbox Tuner. Mine died a couple of weeks ago.

  • chuck

    Getting disconnects after a few seconds…suspecting capacitors. Will report back…thanks for this thread!

  • Dave

    My Slingbox solo started disconnecting a week ago after about 5 minutes of use and got progressively worse until yesterday when it wouldn’t even keep the connection for 10 seconds. I found this site and replaced my bulging caps in about 15 minutes. It works like new again now. Thanks.

  • Matt

    THANK YOU for this website! Even though my SOLO had 100 days left on the HW warranty, I went ahead an opened it up. For 3 bucks (two capacitors at Radio Shack, $1.50 ea.) and a little bit of soldering, I’m back in business on the same day. Sling Media wanted $30 refundable, once they determine it’s a HW problem, which is pretty obvious. Who knows how long they would’ve taken to first determine the problem and then turn around the warranty work. They really need to suck it up and issue a recall for these SOLOs with bad caps.

  • Tim

    Just piling on the evidence here. I also had two slightly bulging 470 uF 16V caps in my 14 month old Slingbox SOLO after experiencing cutouts after 5 minutes of viewing (originally it would freeze after 20 min, then 10 min, etc). After replacing both capacitors with 470 uF 35V caps from RadioShack as everyone has been recommending it has been working PERFECTLY and not only that but streaming at higher bitrates than it did when it was brand new!

    I’m extremely disappointed in Sling for not addressing this problem and trying to sweep it under the rug. At best, they look paranoid and unhelpful and at worst they look like they planned the capacitor issue all along to try to get you to buy new equipment after warranty. It’s just terrible business practice. If anyone is looking to go class action, add me to your witness list.

    Thanks so much to everyone on this forum, you saved my butt on this one!

  • Matt T

    Slingbox disconnected me every 5-10 mins just seemingly out of the blue after working for a year. Found this site via a rather lengthy thread about this issue on the slingbox answer forums.

    As soon as I took the black undercover off, I could see 1 bulging capacitor. There was no question I had to proceed. I’m not skilled at electronics, but using a 30w iron, some desoldering braid, the 2 new capacitors from radio shack (I just replaced both even though only 1 looked bad), and about an hour of my time, I’m back slinging!

    To be honest, I was just pumped that the thing turned on when I plugged it in!

  • Andy S

    Trying my hand at replacing the capacitors on my slingbox solo. Got a dual printed circuit board and a 5 pack of resistors to practice my soldering on before giving it a go on the actual solo. Desoldered and removed the old capacitors just fine, but I cannot get the 60/40 rosin to melt onto the wires of the new capacitors. Weird thing is I was able melt the rosin onto the resistors I was practicing on just fine. Using the same 40W soldering iron that worked perfectly with the practice resistors, but cant get the rosin to melt on the capacitor wires. Also think I’m using the proper technique, touching the iron and the rosin to the wire in different locations (i.e. not touching iron and rosin directly together).

    I’m completely stumped on this one, anyone have any idea why the soldering iron is functioning perfectly fine, but won’t melt the rosin on to the capacitor? Is the capacitor dissipating my heat while the resistor I was practicing on wasn’t? May be a totally stupid thought, but I’m really at a loss with this one.

  • Andy S

    Trying my hand at replacing the capacitors on my slingbox solo. Got a dual printed circuit board and a 5 pack of resistors to practice my soldering on before giving it a go on the actual solo. Desoldered and removed the old capacitors just fine, but I cannot get the 60/40 rosin to melt onto the wires of the new capacitors. Weird thing is I was able melt the rosin onto the resistors I was practicing on just fine. Using the same 40W soldering iron that worked perfectly with the practice resistors, but cant get the rosin to melt on the capacitor wires. Also think I’m using the proper technique, touching the iron and the rosin to the wire in different locations (i.e. not touching iron and rosin directly together).

    I’m completely stumped on this one, anyone have any idea why the soldering iron is functioning perfectly fine, but won’t melt the rosin on to the capacitor? Is the capacitor dissipating my heat while the resistor I was practicing on wasn’t? May be a totally stupid thought, but I’m really at a loss with this one.

  • Pat

    Same issues experienced here. We live abroad, and my wife was in hospital wanting to have our ‘normal’ TV available (that is why we brought the SlingBox in the first place). Imagine how annoyed I was when it just wasn’t connecting. I didn’t have time to resolve, so brought another (I must be mad!) which is working perfectly

    However, I’ve just had time to open up the old box – and it’s exactly as described here….. now, time to see if I can mend it (and sell it on)

    Thanks guys – this is really helpful.

    (Can someone post a link to the resisters needed – will help easily locate a comparable type)

  • Glenn

    I started to have these problems with my sling classic and decided to get a new solo through an upgrade offer because i wanted some tech support and the functionality that a new box would provide (mobile for one). The new solo is giving me the same problem. tech support is sending me a new power supply but I have a hard time believing that would be the problem. Could it really be? Finally, it is working fine within the network at home, just not over the internet. They say that this is a normal indication of a power supply problem. Would it be a normal indication of the capacitor issue as well?

  • crazeebiker

    SlingBox solo was working great then one day bam! Would only stay connected for 15 seconds max…….. Ends up bad capacitor….. Pulled a replacement out of an old pc motherboard and replaced the bad one in the slingbox solo and its been working for days now………. Thanks for the info

  • jp

    thanks so much for posting this information. I haven’t opened my slingbox up yet, but I am sure this is the problem. Of course the warranty period on my box just expired!

  • Michael J

    I’m looking at getting my 3 of my capacitors replaced, although only 2 of them are showing signs of bulging. Was wondering if anyone knows if I get the 470uf 50v capacitors, will that be ok, or should I stick with the 470uf 35v capacitors ? Thanks for all your help !

  • Jim S

    Okay… If you could see my solder repair job, I could easily win the “worst solder job”. I had trouble getting the old ones off, and trouble getting the new ones in. I prevailed, and it works. I had the 2 buldging capacitors just like the pictures showed. I’ve posted links to this site over at Sling support (on a couple of threads), but they have been deleted by the moderators. Thank goodness for google for bringing me to this site. I’m back in business. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • Dirk

    Looking for a little clarification before I open up my Solo to check the caps. — All of the symptoms posted here fit the description of what I am experiencing with my Solo… but ONLY when I am on a Remote/Internet Connection. These slow/stutter/disconnect issues occur for me ONLY when I’m connected remotely (with a confirmed, good, hi-speed connection). However, when I am connected to my local/home network (via WiFi), the solo stream is fast (2000+) and crystal clear, without issues.

    I have not seen any posts above distinguishing between local and remote connections. So, I thought I’d ask for some clarification/help before diving into dismantling the box. Any feedback would be great appreciated!

  • Marlee

    Stupid SlingBox Solo hasn’t been able to stay on the network for a month and I have been tearing out my hair trying to fix what I thought was a network problem. If I take it apart and it’s the capacitors, I will be 1. thrilled that I can fix it, and 2. furious. You think in good faith they should address this. And I remember the day when I called SlingMedia and got a tech to remote into my computer to fix my Sling issues for FREE.

  • william

    After months of investigation in Internet, this solution works perfect for me, I have my Slingbox Solo like new¡

  • Akira N

    Hi everyone, I opened up my Solo and sure enough 2 caps were bulging, 1 more than the other. I replaced both with the RS 35V caps, put the Solo back together, but I couldn’t get both lights to go on constant. I performed a hard reset and get a flashing network light. Troubleshooted by unplugging cable modem and router, but still not getting constant network light. I took Solo apart and applied more solder just in case to both caps, and still getting flashing network light.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Akira N

    Hello All, I had the same issue, popped open my Solo today, sure enough 2 bulging caps. Replaced with RS 35v caps and put the solo back together, wired up and now I’m getting a flashing network light. Trouble shooted by poercycling the cable modem and router, but still have the flashing network light.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  • Glenn

    same here. I think someone said if it was bad it was bad all of the time but to let them know what I found. I bought a new solo to replace the classic that was acting up and lo and behold the new one has the same issue. I’m glad that sling was able to duplicate the problem and at least this time I have tech support. Time to do some suregery on the old one I think.

    Not happy with this at the moment

  • GuateRob

    I finally got the courage to open my Slingbox Solo to check the capacitors. Just like you guys said, there was a buldging capacitor. More amazing, it was the same one as shown on the pictures. I’m going to Radio Shack tomorrow to get a new 470uf 35v capacitor and I’m going to try to replace it. Wish me luck! I’ve never done this before! I’ll let you guys know if this solved my problem.

  • James

    I replaced the two 470 uF capacitors yesterday and Slingbox has been working great since then!!

    Thanks for your time and effort.


  • Randy M

    Amazing work / Excellent Post – Let me join the bandwagon
    1 years old SlingBox having constant disconnects/drops after a few minutes of use. Opened SlingBox, saw bulging capacitors. extracted and replaced with RadioShack capacitors. Now as good as new. Spent $3.00 saved $160.00 for a new unit.

  • Dave C.

    I also had the problem described above with the error code 0x923400dc showing up when problem occurred. The Slingbox is about two years old, and the problem started showing up about a month ago. I replaced the two 470 microfarad 16v capacitors since they had the bulging top as shown in the photo. I found the correct capacitors on an old computer motherboard, so I salvaged them and installed them in the Slingbox. My soldering iron is only 25 watts, which made it very difficult to heat up the board sufficiently to remove the old solder from the circuit board. As mentioned by Smiley, a 40 watt soldering iron and solder wick should make the job a bit easier.
    Well it has been running a few hours with the new caps without any problem, so it looks like the problem is solved.

  • Spence

    Thanks for this post. I just changed them out and will test tonight if everything is fixed. I was wondering if there was a supplier related issue regarding the manufacturer of the caps (I work in the semiconductor industry so I know a resistor is not a resistor and a cap is not a cap). Since I didn’t recognize Luxon, I did a search. This interesting post popped up. Don’t trust everything you read, but interesting.

    I am no soldering wizard, but looking at the soldering quality on the Slingbox solo board, I am pretty surprised at the quality, of lack of, for solder volumes, wetting, etc… Not what I would call a quality mass produced board. You want to see quality. Crack open a Sony PSP and look at those solder joints.

  • DanR

    After several days of scouring the slingbox forums, I found this article last night, opened my SOLO box as described, and sure enough, there were two vented capacitors. I took in the circuit board to a local TV repair shop this morning, and for $10 the guy soldered in two new capacitors while I waited. Tonight I am home watching TV on my computer via the repaired Slingbox and it hasn’t frozen once! Wish I had seen this thread months ago when the box first started to freeze. I would have saved myself a new router, and a new switch and several attempted Slinbox resets and reinstalls. Seems like Sling Media should be putting out a bulletin on this with recommendations to replace the capacitors. Anyway, $10 later and I’m a happy camper. Thanks for this thread!

  • Dennis

    Hello, my issue is somewhat different in that I can (or could) connect remotely but not from the computer its connected to. When I connected via my iphone it showed the need for an update, but then showed the video with no problems. When I tried to update the software on my computer it said it could not connect to the slingbox (solo). Tried reinstalling software, no help. Then tried hard reset, no help, but I can no longer connect remotely now because it cleared out the login information. I opened the box to check caps and they don’t appear to be bad, but can’t really see the bottoms. Should they be changed anyway as precaution? And does anyone have any other ideas for me to try? Thanks to all.

  • Joe

    thanks for the help. Since I’m a novice soldering, I had a TV trechnician replace the capacitors replace mine. Slingbox has worked great since. Too bad Slingbox has no idea what customer service is (one should not have to pay inside a warranty period). Slingbox needs to acknowledge the capacitor problem.

  • Jon

    Found this forum months ago but was so busy with work I didn’t have time to take a peek inside the slingbox until last week. Sure enough, two bulging capacitors. I swung by the source (formally radio shack in canada), spent about $40 on all the stuff I needed and without any prior soldering experience took out the old capacitors and stuck in some new 470, 50v ones. It took about an hour and the hardest part was getting the old ones out and putting a drop and not a glob of solder when the new ones were in. For people who don’t know, the negative side on the old capacitors is where the yellow stripe and the arrow pointing down is. I was confused for a while because it doesn’t necessary say that its negative. Anyways, now my slingbox is working with no problems. I’ve had it on about 45 mins now when before the most it would run is maybe 10 minutes from a cold start or about a minute at most when it was already warmed up.

    It’s ashame that sling media doesn’t even achknowledge the problem. It would seem that its almost a 100% failure rate after a while and that the cheap underpowered capacitors are to blame. They really played with fire no one has launched a huge class action suit.

    Anyhow, count me as one of the affected and now one of the cured. Thanks so much guys, you literally saved me hundreds of dollars on a replacement.

  • KOKO

    Thanks for this info. My SlingBox never worked right since the day I bought it (about a year ago), initially it would disconnect 5-6 times a day, Sling Support blamed that on my router and/or network. Since last four months it started to disconnect after 10 mins. and was completely unusable.

    Last week I followed your instructions and got the capacitors replaced, and this thing is solid like a rock! Its been 72hrs. without a single hiccup!… even the picture quality improved.. I don’t know how or why, but it works and I’m happy.

    However, I’m also very disappointed in Sling, they have an issue with their product but are not taking responsibility… a class action lawsuit should be launched against them in my opinion.

  • Jim

    Mine was shutting down every 10-160 seconds

    It is way out of warranty, purchased in 2008. Got on the phone with sling and they replaced the Solo for free!!

    There was an issue with their firmware that has made most of These inoperable.

    Before breaking the seal on the bottom, call sling, it may be worth your while.

  • Pete

    Fixed my problem. A few months after my warranty expired, boom, no more connections accepted and I couldn’t even do a hard reset of my Slingbox solo. Been sitting on it for almost 6 months and thought about just buying a new one. After seeing this, made a quick trip to RadioShack for capacitors and all is working!!! Seriously, thanks for all the info!

  • Brad

    Add another one in the bad caps column. Had my sling box for 15 months when it started having issues. I started out thinking it was some sort of network issue because I am using a wireless game adapter to connect it to my network. However, network stuff seemed to check out. So, then did some searching and ran accross this page. So, I just waited and finally last week it became basically unusable. So, took slingbox apart and there they were two bulging caps. So, bought two new caps at Radio Shack and replaced them this morning. Hooked it back up and been running without a problem for two hours.

  • Paulo Bernardes

    Gentlemen, It is amazing. I purchased a Slingbox in the US but it is being used in Brazil. So I have no warranty. I just followed all your instructions having spent about 50 cents on the capacitors. I have removed and replaced two 470 uF 16V bulged capacitors today and now the Slingbox Solo will not freeze anymore. this was driving me nuts as I tried all the downgrades of firmware, etc. I use this box to stream Nickelodeon on my kitchen for my kids to have breakfast. Thank you very much for the excellent guidance. Paulo Bernardes.

  • findjul

    Another success story here. I have never soldered anything in my life. I got a local tv repair guy to do it for $35 in his shop while I waited. Seems a lot better price than replacing the Slingbox (although a lot steeper than the do-it-yourselfers). I was also very frustrated troubleshooting Slingbox and was thinking that the problem was with my cable provider. Thanks for the thorough and accurate information! Also, my Slingbox solo was 2 weeks out of warranty.

  • mlusterjr

    I just changed the capacitors on my solo, and it has been running for over an hour now. I’ve never changed a capacitor before but it seems things really went well. I’m about to leave on a trip out of the country, so I’ll be able to test it more while I’m gone. Thanks for the great fix, I really appreciate that you shared it with us all. I will submit my experience on the slingbox solo forum in a manner that everyone will know what I am saying but hopefully it will not get deleted. MY SOLO IS BACK!!!!!

  • Pinebor

    Ok, I have read this entire string or whatever it’s called…. one question…. you guys with SOLO boxes or PRO HD etc freezing up after a few secs…. does if function correctly on your LAN (network where the SOLO is connected)? I have run my SOLO for yrs with VMR and VMR9 checked and (local access) at automatic and (internet access) at 640×240 settings. I use direct connection via SOLO ID # (that big long ass one) and my picture and performance has been awesome… for yrs…. BUT, now I have a suffered a HUGE loss of Kbps rates, like no more than 150 or so. That sucks big-time! Unwatchable. We have tried and checked everything at both ends… and I MEAN EVERYTHING. It works fine at 5600 Kbps on the LAN, but not remote viewing here in Germany… the SOLO is in the Seattle. So, my question IS, could that also be related to the “BULGING CAPS”???? A reply ASAP would be nice. Thnx…. fit to be tied in G-Land!

  • Berns

    I had the same problem described above. Sling Box Solo freezes and Drops connection after I have had it for 2 years working flawlessly. It happens that I was moving it from one network to another. It would reset after the first burst of video was transmitted (3-5 seconds). If I disconnected either the video or audio input to the SLING BOX; It would take about 10 more seconds to fail. When it failed, the active light and the network LAN connection light would both go off and come back on (dropping the session connection) after about 20 seconds. I tried doing a reset to the unit many times (taking it back to factory settings), changed network LAN cables, changed routers, changed networks, tried to access from 3G, WAN, LAN and if I could I would have tried CAM! Highly frustrated and even ordered a new unit after 5 hours of troubleshooting. The I started looking at the threads here as well as Slingbox Support hosted sites! I had nothing to loose; cut it open, found two bulging capacitors. I bought the 40 WAT solder gun, some de-sodering mesh and some .022mm solder and I went back to my college days of CKT design and creation! WIth the exception of hands that are not as steady as they use to be and the need for reading glasses to see the CKT board; they went as well as could be expected. A bit of advice, the solder is hard to get off. Cut the leads that extend on the bottom of the CKT board for each of the capacitors (not the one on the top of the board that would separate the capacitor from the board). Once you cut that it it easier to get to the solder and you can even push the connecter leg back through the hole in the board with your soldering iron!
    to answer your question after all of this ; YES IT WORKED; I HAVE BEEN UP AND OPERATIONAL FOR 3 HOURS WITHOUT A DROP! Shame on the sling-box folks for using sub-standart solid state components and double shame on them for not recalling known defective devices. If those capacitors exploded (remember they were bulging); the could cause a FIRE!

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the info. I just took apart my SOLO and 2 of my caps are definitely bulging. I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem for months now. THANK YOU!


  • David

    I have 3 solos and 1 classic. I repaired one with the capacitors several months ago. The fix works great
    another is showing the same symptoms. I will repair that one shortly
    Sling obviously got hit with a bad batch of 470 uf capacitors from who knows where. It happens.
    Unfortunately they should just fix them or exchange the units. Mine are out of warranty so I followed the fix procedure. BTW the classic still works flawlessly.

  • mark

    Okay all: today I opened my slingbox, and all three caps were bulging. BUT: we took photos of the board before removing the caps. The rear cap was positioned with the negative lead to the rear. In all the other photos (online here) show the negative terminal towards the front. Also the orientation on the top of the board shows negative to the front, and on the bottom the square (pos) is to the rear/round (neg) to the front. clearly there is a discrepancy. Anyone else have this problem? Replaced them the way they were supposed to be and it didn’t work, put it in backwards and it didn’t work either. Have a new one to replace it with but don’t want to screw it up again.

  • Rajesh

    I had the same problem as described in this post. Upon opening my box I noticed that one of my cap was budging. With minimal effort I replaced the bulging cap and it took care of the freezing and ultimately disconnecting problem of my solo. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work

  • Barrie

    Thanks for the info guys! @ year old slingbox was dropping connection after 2-5 minuts of streaming. Tried what everyone else did, new cable, port, router etc and still the problem persisted. Took it apart and viola, two caps bulging. Grabbed the 470/35v from the Shack and now I’m back in business. I have a long history with a soldering/desoldering iron so it was a very easy fix!! Thanks again to all who contributed!!!

  • James

    You can add me to the list of successful capacitor replacements. I bought a Solo off eBay and it wouldn’t setup so I thought I’d wasted my hard earned cash. Found your site, followed the instructions and my slingbox is now perfect ( well almost – the component inputs don’t work at 720p ). Interestingly I got the caps for 12c each at jaycar in Sydney and a soldering kit cost $19 – so the whole repair was under $20.

  • Ron

    After successfully replacing my Sling Solo with Vulkano Platinum I started reading the capacitor replacement instructions and comments on this web page carefully. I popped open my Solo, and sure enough, two of the capacitors were bulging on their tops. I picked up two capacitors and a 30 watt soldering pencil from Radio.Shack. Total cost was $11 and some change. I replaced the capacitors. Don’t know if it works because I now use the Vulkano device. Barring cold solder joints for the capacitors I installed, I expect the Sling Solo is OK now. Plan to put the Solo on eBay to see if I can get any recompense for the awful time I have had with it. The information and comments on this site are great. Thanks to all who made posts.

  • Richard Gerritts

    Great advice! My slingbox had all of the same error codes and issues that other writers described. The fix was easy and the results are perfect. My slingbox is like new again.
    The whole repair including the trip to the store to get the parts took less than 45 minutes!

  • Luigi

    Thanks so much for this tutorial!
    I followed the instructions, found 2 bulging capacitors and changed them.
    Now my slingbox is once again working like it should.
    It begs the question of why slingbox decided to use such low quality components…

    Thanks again!

  • Mark

    Yeah this is obviously the solution…..WHY HASN’T SLING ISSUED A RECALL? If you’re under warranty, good luck getting this taken care of. It’s like pulling teeth. I will NEVER buy ANY sling product again (and as an early adopter of all things tech–including my first slingbox–SLING is losing business. I’ll be sure to tell anyone and everyone who asks about Sling’s idea of “support”).

  • eli

    My slingbox solo was repeatedly restarting. Once every 28 seconds or so. I tried all the troubleshooting steps but none of them worked. I know the slingbox had been in a very hot cabinet so I decided to take it apart, it was out of warranty anyway. Turns out that two of my capacitors are bulging. I’ll replace them to see if it works. I also checked to see if there were any solder issues and it seems as though it doesn’t need to be reflowed.

  • Tim R.

    Thanks so much for this post. I just replaced a couple of bulging capacitors in my sling box using parts from another non-functioning slingbox I had on a shelf. Suffice it to say I’m not impressed with the Sling Media given I’ve had two of them break on me within 18 months of buying them. Once again, thanks for taking the time to post your clear instructions.

  • Jeff K.

    Thanks for your information on this issue. Like many others, my Slingbox SOLO had worked great for just over a year until it started having connection problems (W202 error) and restarting constantly.

    After cracking open my Slingbox SOLO, I discovered that 2 of the 3 large caps were bulging from the top and bottom.

    After replacing them, I can report that my Slingbox SOLO is now working great again and hasn’t had any problems so far. I have posted comments to two of my “posts” on the Slingbox user forums site to point to this article for more help.



  • Steven

    Replaced my capicitors as well and solved the problem with my slingbox always loosing connection.

  • Ohpinion8ted

    Fantastic post. Sling was useless yet you solved my issue so quickly and concisely. I opened the Solo up and immediately identified two blown capacitors. They looked exactly as you described. The video tutorial was excellent. The only difficulty was extracting the them. The Solo has now been running for thirty minutes without issue. I haven’t gone beyond two minutes, without dropping the connection, for over six months. I was prepared to throw it out, but not now.

    Thank you very much.

  • anonymous

    I am an Electrical Engineer… I had all the symptoms on my SB and the blogs online did steer me to deciding to open up my box…

    this is a clear 100% fix…

    the caps were ABSOLUTELY the cause of the issue I was having.. (replaced both 470 uF /16volt caps with new ones) …ALL connection issue instantly were resolved

    b.t.w…. these are important power supply filter caps that are need for the switching regulators to operate ‘quietly;… When they do not do their job…they need to be replaced

    The internet is just great sometime.. this was one of those times!

  • anonymous


    I am an Electrical Engineer… I had all the symptoms on my SB and the blogs online did steer me to deciding to open up my box…

    this is a clear 100% fix…

    the caps were ABSOLUTELY the cause of the issue I was having.. (replaced both 470 uF /16volt caps with new ones) …ALL connection issue instantly were resolved

    b.t.w…. these are important power supply filter caps that are need for the switching regulators to operate ‘quietly;… When they do not do their job…they need to be replaced

    The internet is just great sometimes.. this was one of those times!

  • kman

    i got to thank you , after switching routers, cables, complaining to isp then searching here , Took longer to find this , then to go find the caps and solder them in . i wish slingbox would admit there is problem and that is the fix , so far 24 hours and works great hockey game was wild to watch during graduation


  • Ben

    Just would like to add, I tried this tonight it (25mins, a soldering iron, and a trip to radioshack later) and PRESTO! my slingbox solo (one w/o hdmi) is fixed it has been streaming without a single hiccup all night!
    I was expierencing the same problems of dropping connection inside my own network (I was previously blaming my ISP) but anyways many thanks

    btw I used the 35v caps from radioshack and I replaced two of the three with them. 🙂

  • Comcasti

    Just replaced the two bulging capacitors–

    Works like new–thanks for this webpage

    Purchased both at radio shack under $3

    Still can’t believe I fixed it

  • Vinny

    I tried everything on the Slinbox support site website to fix the constant “connection lost” problem but nothing worked. I found this site yesterday, went to Radio Shack and replaced the 2 caps for $3. Now viewing on my IPhone4 without any issues.

    Glad I found this site!!!!

  • Vccat

    I ripped open my Sling SOLO today because it was dropping connection local and remote.
    I found that both of the 470uF 16v caps were bulging. The one 220uF 25v cap looked ok but was also a G-LUXON, so I ended up replacing all 3 caps. I stepped up one voltage rating on each as well for some extra over head.

    The SOLO has now been streaming local for the last 2 hr 40 min without a single hiccup.

    SWEET!!! 🙂

  • poochar

    NICE…. thanks !!!
    replaced both 470 uF /16volt caps with new ones from Radio Shack…..
    Mine did not even look bulged… but changed anyway!!!
    works GREAT now.

  • Jon

    I have tried for hours and hours to fix my lost connection issues and stumbled on this web site. I even did the support chat with a Slingbox technician and his conclusion was to wait 1 -2 hours to fix the issue at their server. Well, I didn’t believe him and so did a more in-depth google search and found this site.

    I just opened up my Slingbox SOLO and found 2 of the 3 capacitors bulging at the top!!!! I wish I had known about the capacitor issue earlier, because this is my 2nd Slingbox SOLO to have issues. (My first bad SOLO box probably had the same issue!)

    Damn the Slingbox company for hiding this issue!!!

  • Jacquie

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Found two bulging capacitors, like so many here. Got two 470 microfarad, 35v at Radio Shack, soldered them in and presto! Slingbox working without freezes once again. This was important for family traveling for long periods and I had tried everything on the software and rebooting/resetting side and nothing worked. Great that you put this up.

  • milts

    this fix definitely works. the 2 capacitors that were bulging were the 470uF/16v ones. I’ve never held a soldering iron before, but I did it in about 15 minutes. replaced the bad caps with 470uF/35v from radioshack. works perfectly now. thank you very much!

  • doctorway

    My Slingbox Solo was giving up streaming after 2-3 minutes a few months ago, and now refuses to even appear on the network. I popped the case open and sure enough: both of the 470uF/16v capacitors are bulging at the top. May ask the local TV repair shop to replace them, but thanks for the tip!

    For folks interested in the capacitor problem, there’s an interesting Wikipedia article at
    about “Capacitor plague”, which describes how some manufacturers have been producing capacitors that don’t really last (i.e. in this case, Luxon capacitors went bad). The Wikipedia article has a lot of photos of capacitors gone bad.

    Sling Media, Inc. should really press their parts suppliers for restitution for damages. These capacitors gone bad in the Slingbox Solo are undermining what’s otherwise a pretty neat product.

  • Anonymous

    Good deal. It seems that the capacitor problem is mostly the Solo’s and the power supplies. The Pro HD doesn’t seem to have that same issue.

  • HK001

    2 year old Slingbox Solo disconnect issue. Replaced the 2 swollen top G-Lux caps with the 470uf/25v ones from RS and I am back up and running. Returning the new Slingbox Solo I had ordered. Thanks for the tip!

  • Winlam007

    problem solved!  almost threw away my slingbox.  glad i found this article!  thank you!

  • Dodgeramvt

    Worked for me, Same problem as described. I opened it up and there was one bulging cap. replaced all three and it’s working like a charm. I have never soldered on a board before, thanks youtube!!!!

  • axemanozh

    Great guide! Was having issues with streaming; opened up the case and found two blown capacitors. Two Radio Shack 35v replacements later, it’s running like a champ again. For those who may be squeamish about soldering – don’t be; I’m no expert and definitely didn’t do it perfectly, yet it’s working fine. Board seems pretty tough.

  • B P S

    This worked for me also.  Replaced the two 470uF which had popped for $1.49 each at RS.  Soldering kit cost $7.99 (since i had never done this before).  Hardest part by FAR was removing the old caps.  Once I removed, I needed to use a sewing pin and the iron to clear open the holes of old solder to reinstall.  
    Before the job, would get the error every 8-10 mins.  Have now been running 2 hrs so far with no errors.

    For under $12 after tax, it was cheap (and kinda fun).

    Thanks for the AWESOME instructions!

  • Anonymous

    Glad you got it working. We see a couple of replies like this almost every day. It makes me wonder how many boxes were just tossed out because others didn’t know what to do.

  • Benny

    This worked for me as well! Bought two caps from Radioshack for $1.49 and voila back up and working. The original caps didn’t pop but the tops were bulging similar to your pics in the blog. Sling should definitely take ownership of this widespread problem with their devices!

  • Cxz

    Was only streaming about a minute at a time. Bad caps here too.  Replaced 2 and now works normally.

  • Wes

    Appreciate your input! As I mentioned,  bad caps have been a problem with several items I have purchased over the recent years.  Replacing the caps is a piece of cake for me. But still, it is frustrating to have to go through the effort. 

  • Larry Licht

    I changed out all 3 caps from RS and my problem was fixed. I had a problem wehre the unit would not connect to Newtwork. THe was a unit that was replaced by Sling for having bad CAPS. I did all three even though there was only one that was popped. It is clearly a design problem with the unit. There is not enough design margin owith the caps thet they used. Shame on Sling.

  • Larry Licht

    I will be talking with the sling peopel at the 2012 CES show. They clealy have a problem with there units and are ripping the customers off for $29.00 or $79 for a replacment unit. It is time that this stuff comes to an end. I am sure the last thing Sling wants at there booth is a customer telling future customers not to buy there product.

  • AJ Abbruzzi

    Just replaced 2 bulging 470 mf for frequent disconnects while streaming content. Problem solved. My Slingbox Solo is now working like it was supposed. I am so glad I found this site. First time soldering for me too. Took me all of 30 minutes. Everything I needed was at my local Radio Shack and cost me 11.50 including soldering kit

  • Sara

    THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was at my wits end and didnt want to pay someone over at Slingbox just to tell me to buy a new one. Was sooooo thankful to find this posting. I did the same as everyone else, Radioshack for two replacement capacitors and a soldering kit. First time ever soldering, I have to admit I did burn myself once. It was a little hard to get the old solder out so I could put the new capacitor wires through the holes, but it now works perfectly!!!!! Thanks again!!!

  • Ian

    THANK YOU. I was have a lot of problems with my sling box for the last 6-12 months with it keeping dropping the network connection – I basically could not use it, it was so frustrating. Then this week I found this post after I had another round of trying everything such changing network connections etc.
    After reading your post, I went straight out to radio shack, bought 2 capacitors and a soldering iron. I then replaced the 2 capacitors (that looked exactly like you photo). Not being used to doing that I have to say it was not a pretty job, but I hooked it back up and now the sling box is working perfectly. It has been working very well for 3 days now with not a single dropped connection. In retrospect I think the sling box had this problem from the day I bought it – all the time I was thinking my network was not good enough.
    I do think sling box could have done more to inform their customers of this issue – they must know they have a serious reliability issue with these components but have chosen not to do anything to put things right for their customer. While they have great products, their reputation for customer service should seriously suffer.

  • ScottJ

    Thank you so much for this information!

    I found one bad capacitor in my slingbox (the middle of the three). I am replacing all 3 since they are all from G-LUXON brand, and I don’t trust the others. Each measures 8mm wide x 11 mm height. Each has lead spacing of 3.5mm.

    Since I was already placing an order from I decided to get my parts there (a bit cheaper than Radio Shack), I also chose higher voltage capacity (just in case) and also high-temperature if available.

    I used these capacitors:
    (1 count) 220 uF 35v == 667-ECA-1VHG221 ( sku#)
    (2 count) 470 uF 25v == 667-EEU-FR1E471Y ( sku#)

  • Horace

    WE HAVE A WINNER! I have been frustrated with my Slingbox for months. Sure enough, the capacitors had bulged. This fix was easy enough for an amateur to do. Highly recommended! Thanks!

  • Gary

    Hit the problem right on with this one. Solo had worked great for about 2 years and only in the last couple of weeks the box would drop the network connection and than reconnect. Confirmed everything in the IP path and not a problem. Stumbled onto this article and realized that was likely my issue. Replaced all three caps (two 470’s were blown) and the box works just like day one. If you have checked everything out and the box is out of warranty, this is the place to look, nothing to lose and everything good to gain. Thanks for making this know, understand why sling does not publize this, but really a hidden tech note somewhere would have helped. Everyone gets bad parts once in a while.

  • Daniel I

    Thanks for the instructions. I opened my slingbox solo and found two bulging capacitors. I bought replacements at radio shack. It took a couple minutes to switch the good for the bad and now my slingbox is up and running again.

    Many thanks,

  • Kyle

    Thanks for the info guys. I opened mine and the same thing. Two bulging capacitors!! Anyone have any step by step instructions and specific tools that would help to complete the job. I saw the video, but just need a little more info on the whole process. Thanks a bunch in advance!

  • Ford

    I’m very happy to report that this procedure also worked for me. My Slingbox hasn’t been working for months and I did everything to troubleshoot it. Since it’s out of warranty, I figured I’d try this as a last-ditch resort before buying a new one. I was a little intimidated by the soldering process since I’d never done it, but bought 2 new capacitors at Radio Shack along with a soldering gun for about $15 total, and after replacing the 2 suspect capacitors, the box is working perfectly again. I’m honestly amazed that this worked as I was ready to just get a new one. The soldering is pretty easy and I am very happy that I found this article and tried it.

  • Brian

    Thanks for having this up. Had this exact problem and I was convinced my sling was a doorstop. Stumbled on to this page and figured it was worth a 2 buck investment to see if it would solve it. Capacitors I pulled were just like your pics and once replaced the sling worked like new again. Amazing!

  • Jim

    My slingbox solo stopped working on Saturday…it would connect and show video for 20-30 seconds and then it would lose it connections. This was from the ipad. I decided to try it from my laptop and the same thing happened. However the pc software gave me an error code. When I googled the error code I found the many pages which point to the capacitors. I eventually found this web page.

    Both of my 470uf capacitors were bulging. I bought two 470uf 35v from Radio Shack. Only took 15 minutes to replace.

    Everything is work great now! THANKS TO EVERYONE who document this!

  • Bruce

    Thanks so much for this post! My Slingbox Solo is working well again with a new capacitor.

    It started losing connections after about 1 year and one month of trouble free service. Over the next month, the connection drops became more frequent. I did a lot of troubleshooting and couldn’t find the problem. Your post clued me in.

    Once I took the black plastic cover off I could see a bulging capacitor. I left the cover off and took it to a nearby TV repair place. The repair guy was skeptical when I showed him the half disassembled Slingbox and started telling my story.

    When I got to the part about the bad cap he got interested in a hurry. He took the Slingbox, looked it over and immediately spotted the suspect cap. Then he went over to his bench, tested it, and looked at the part number. He said, “It’s bad, I have one here, come back in an hour, OK?”

    I didn’t argue with that, paid the man, came back in an hour, and my Slingbox has been working well ever since.

  • James

    My Solo started to act up about 18 months after I bought it. Coincidentally, it was probably a month after upgrading to the latest firmware. I had never updated the firmware until about a month ago.

    Anyway, I did the capacitor replacement with the caps from Radio Shack (Catalog #: 272-1030, $1.50), using a soldering gun and solder (no flux). The slingbox has been working normally since the replacement (about a week). I didn’t have to do a software reset or anything, all my settings were saved.

    Radioshack also has capacitors that could replace the 3rd slingbox capcitor, so I bought one of those just in case (Catalog #: 272-1029, $1.50)

    Overall, I’m very satisfied so far, thank you for the great article!

  • Scott

    This also worked for me and my Slingbox Solo which had 2 bad capacitors!

    But, is anyone else having trouble with the browser-based software? I can’t get the remote to install and “stick,” so I have to go through the remote setup in the popup window every time.

    Also, I can’t connect via my iPhone app at all…just says check my Slingbox to make sure it’s connected to the internet, but I know it’s working as I can connect via my laptop.

    Thanks in advance!

  • F. Gee

    Thank you! After several attempts and months of retrying to reset my slingbox I came across your article. Worked perfectly – thanks for helping us all!

  • Adam

    Took Slingbox apart, 2 of 3 capacitors were bulging so I replaced them tonight. However, the problem remains. It will stream perfectly for 5 minutes then disconnect, then not work again for a while, then stream at 200k, then not work, etc. Very inconsistent.

    Any other ideas?

  • Paul

    Thanks for the info. I took the slingbox solo apart and saw I had two bad capacitors. I was a little reluctant to do the soddering myself, so I brought the disassembled circuit board to a local electronic repair shop (Shine Electronics 250 81st Street, NY, NY). He replaced the capacitors for me. Parts and labor = $30. Unit works great now.

  • charlie

    I had a slingbox and I moved to a new house. While unpacking I used the wrong ac adapter and plugged into into my slingbox. It functioned for about 3 weeks fine and I had no idea I was using the wrong adapter. The other day I tried to connect and it wasn’t working. When I got home after inspecting the situation I found out that although the adapter was plugged in none of the lights were turning on. I found the correct adapter and plugged it in. After about 20 minutes the light turned on but it was blinking. After some searches on the internet I came to find out that I may have some blown capacitors. I opened my device and purchased the respective replacement capacitors for $5 but I did not own a soldering gun, I am somewhat handy when I comes to dealing with electrical devices but this was new terrain for me. I decided to contact a tv repair shop and asked how much they would charge to replace 3 blown capacitors on a circuit board, they said $20. Sounded good to me I went over there and the guy looked at the capacitors they didn’t appear to be in perfect condition so he pulled them off and tested them and they weren’t blown but the farads were increased by some 30% which he said meant they had taken a bit of a beating. He replaced the capacitors and the lights were still flashing or blinking. The capacitors were obviously not my issue. He began checking different parts on the circuit board and found the the 5V diode had been blown, he replaced it and viola! All the lights turned on and we were back in business. He only charged me $20 but it was well worth it. So………if the capacitors are not your problem it could be the DIODE. Hope this is helpful to someone.


  • Chuck

    Wow, I’m gonna have to try this. Mine was showing the same signs over the last couple weeks. It would get stuck optimizing or when it did connect, it would drop after 30 seconds or so. Then, a few days ago, the box got stuck in a state where the upside down U light stuck on. I read where it can be the power supply going bad, so I ordered a replacement. Since mine is long since out of warranty, I should pop it open and see what the capacitors look like. I bet they are bulging.

  • Chuck

    Well I received my new power supply today and low and behold it actually fixed the problem. I am back up and running without having to crack open the case.

    For reference, before the power supply went completely bad and locked up the slingbox(when I pluged it in the U light would stay stuck on and nothing would happen), my slingbox was exhibiting the sam symptoms as others. It would get stuck optimizing, drop connection frequently and so on.

    So think about the power supply also, when trying to fix the issue.

  • Keith

    Worked like a charm for me. Easy repair. I’d never even soldered before but the video made it look easy, so I tried it. After hours of aggravation trying to fix the connection, I realized it must be hardware and not software or setup related. This information was awesome.

  • Keith

    Worked like a charm for me. Easy repair. I’d never even soldered before but the video made it look easy, so I tried it. After hours of aggravation trying to fix the connection, I realized it must be hardware and not software or setup related. This information was awesome. I appreciate it.

  • Steve

    I made this fix today, after months of the Solo sitting behind my TV not working (Never holding a connection for more than 20seconds or so) I decided last night to fix it once and for all. I figured I was looking at something more than just setup issues when I couldn’t even maintain a network connection to it via a single direct cable connection when I wanted to reflash the firmware. Found this page, read it through and though what the hell.. Opened her up, both 470’s were gone, both budging and one of them oozing electrolyte out the top.

    Got two 25V 470 microfarad caps from an electronics specialist store near me in the UK for 32 pence each and swapped them out. Real easy change and I’m by no means expert with a soldering iron. Just be patient and careful and you’ll be fine.

    Reall0y pleased with my achievement with this, thank you very much for the information on this page, It would have been in the bin at this point otherwise.

  • dcstager

    I haven’t taken mine apart but I have the same issue. I have done a lot of trial and error and a workaround I discovered is to watch the Slingbox Solo in “Better” mode from the Browser viewer. I’m not sure why this works. Could there be separate circuitry for different resolutions? Does the hardware heat up and fail at high resolutions or while switching resolutions? Auto mode is unstable and freezes up once the bitrate gets high. The failures happen as the Solo is switching modes.

    My Slingbox is 3000 miles away so I can’t physically repair it just now. Thought I’d share the workaround for anyone similarly situated. Asking for help on this issue or mentioning the capacitor issue on the official Sling Media forum results in my posts getting deleted by the moderator.

    On the Sling Player the error message is:

    [Advanced users: the error code is 0x923400dc.]

    On the Browser Viewer/Player the error is:

    There was an error connecting to the box. Do you want to retry? [Code:W201]

    Any ideas why it is stable in “Better” mode? Could this be software/firmware too?

  • Allan

    Changing the capacitors on my solo fixed my problem. My box was about 1 year old and the 2 capacitors mentioned in the article definitely looked like they expanded! The slingbox company should invest in better quality capacitors!

  • Mark

    Thank You for the information!!! this has fixed my slingbox. The two 440uf caps were bulging and I replaced them with 2 new ones from the Shack. Working great now and I have been streaming for about 1hr now with no disconnetcions. Before I replaced them it would stream for a few minutes and disconnect.

  • dbk

    I replaced the two 470 capacitors and my Solo now works fine. The caps were definitely bulging. It was surprisingly easy and the caps only cost a few dollars. Many, many thanks.

    Now if I could only fix my iMac g4 and it’s kernel panics as easily .

  • Dave C

    Replaced both capacitors but internet connection light remains off and it still is impossible to find the Slingbox Pro on my LAN Network,really disappointed!

  • stevenorris

    OK, so today is Black Friday and I am off work, so I decide I am going to call Sling Support and tell them the Sling Solo I purchased just 6 months ago is turning off after 5 minutes and its the capacitor issue, based on my reading. I say, “send me another one, please” they say, “oh, your Sling only had a 90 day warranty, since it was a refurb”… AAAAHH! I say.. This is the funny part, the guy says, “today only, you can pick up a Sling Solo at Best Buy fro $99, so I should go buy one”, then he tells me he can fix it over the phone if I pay the fee (20 bucks or something), I say, “your telling me you know a fix over the phone and you can’t just tell me for free… your a Huckster, bye.”. So I went to Radio Shack and got two of the 470uf caps they sell and a solder wand (since I can’t find mine I have had for 20 years). I only saw one cap that had the raised top, so I just replaced it (since I had a rough time removing the old one) and it is working fine. Plus, now I have an extra cap when (not if) the other one pops. Thanks for nothing Sling support! Also, the new Boxee app only is available if you buy the Dlink unit, you can’t just run Boxee on and old PC and turn it into a Sling Catcher.. I am certain this is just to force consumers to buy the Dlink Boxee as there is no reason they could not release it to the app library for *all* Boxee versions… So thanks for that too, Sling. Good news is the Solo is working great now.

  • EeroV

    Thanks for the advice to check the capacitors. In my case the faulty capacitors were in power supply.

    My problem description: SlingBox front panel Power Led blinked all the time – day and night. The other Leds were blank. No operation was discovered.

    Power supply gave exactly 5VDC when I initially measured in idle mode. Then after other long studies I measured it again connected to SlingBox and I saw with Oscilloscope that the voltage was alternating – almost square wave – between 0 – 5VDC.

    I opened the power supply with “metal saw”. The two capacitors in 5 Volt output circuit had “Bubble Heads”. I changed those and JIPPPIIII IT STARTED TO WORK. I understand this power supply is now a bit unsafe, but I keep it only in my own use.

    Eero, Oulu, Finland

  • Markass

    Awesome, changed out two bulging capacitors and back in business! Total cost was $ 10.00, took sling box apart and took the motherboard to a tv repairshop and five minutes later, they had them changed! Thanks”

  • Eileen Lund

    I have battled this situation for over a year. Never getting more than a few minutes connection. Finally broke down an went through your step by step guide as well as the you tube video. I am a computer specialist but have never had to touch a circuit board other than to install one in a PC. For less than $10.00 and 20 minutes work I now have a working and stable Slingbox. 2 caps were obviously swollen. Thank you.

  • Eileen Lund

    Fantastic. Have been battling it for over a year. Two blown capacitors. It has held connection for solid hours. Before I was lucky to get a few minutes.

  • dcstager

    Finally got home to repair my Slingbox SOLO – as with many others, two bulging capacitors. Once replaced, reliability is restored.

    For the people who can’t immediately repair their box use the better mode from the browser plugin viewer. One person didn’t understand that for some reason. There is a standalone application to watch Slingbox that is now obsolete. Watching the Slingbox is now best performed by using Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers and going to

    A plugin will be installed that becomes the program to watch your slingbox. On the bottom right corner you’ll see the word “Auto”. Clicking this will your mouse will reveal resolution choices, Auto, Good, Better, Best, etc. For some unknown reason, using the Better” setting from these choices stabilizes the Slingbox even with the bad capacitors. You’ll get fewer disconnects but they will still happen. Any of the other choices reveal the instability of the Slingbox with bad capacitors.

    If you ask for support on the official Sling Media website, your post will be deleted. I have given up trying to assist people on the official site. The moderators delete any mention of the capacitor issues.

    There are many posts on the official site which purport to be actual users satisfied with customer service and even claiming that Sling Media is shipping replacement boxes to people who pay their $30 fee. They look a little suspect to me, possibly posted by shills not actual users, but I suppose it’s possible the will send you a replacement box – eventually. The repair is actually fairly easy and the step by step instructions on the You Tube video are the best reference you can have if you are going to try and do it yourself. Any TV repair shop should be able to do it for you if you’re worried about screwing up soldering the board yourself.

  • Nate

    Thanks for posting this. Have had Slingbox problems for months and just discovered 2 bulging capacitors.

    2 questions:

    1) I’m overseas and currently don’t have access to the broken ones. Does anyone have the exact specifications for replacement capacitors?

    2) A friend recommended getting higher voltage capacitors, since the originals were unsatisfactory. Any ideas on whether this is a good or bad idea?

  • dcstager

    You need two Radio Shack 272-1030

    The higher voltage capacity makes no difference at all to the function of the capacitor. Sling used a very low voltage capacity and they failed for this reason. The higher voltage marking indicates only the maximum voltage the capacitor can handle coming in, but does not affect electronically what the capacitor does.

    If you want to replace the third capacitor, it’s Radio Shack part number 272-1029. These parts are so inexpensive, if you’re going to the trouble you may as well replace them all. I did.

  • Greg U

    Sooooo happy I found this site. $3.19 w/tax at Radio Shack for two capacitors and about 15 minutes of work. Thank you for posting this info.

  • Alika

    Thank you so much for sharing this information!!! I too have had problems connecting and maintaining a connection for more than a few minutes at most. After opening my SOLO up, sure enough, the two 470MF 16V capacitors had a bulge on the top. Picked up a solder iron and two 470MF 35V capacitors from Radio Shack and for under $15. I haven’t soldered before and don’t have the steadiest hands, so I got a little too messy. I ended up going back to an electronics store to get some braided wick to remove and clean up some of my mess. 30 minutes later, I have a functioning box and have not yet had any of the connection problems. Again, THANK YOU!!

  • Riverbender

    Just wanted to add another successful capacitor replacement and my sling box solo has been working just fine.
    As stated in earlier posts it is very easy to purchase and replace the capacitors. Thank you very much for the information.

  • charles k

    Absolutely worked. After a few years it began to only work for about ten seconds. Followed directions and i’m back in the sling box world……Thanks a million

  • Bob

    Thank you for your help. Just made the switch and it is working great. Tried to post on the Sling forums, and for some reason my threads keep on going away… Sling CS would not even give me my 30 dollars support fee back because they incorrectly told me it was a network problem.

  • finn76

    opened up the slingbox, swapped out 2 bulging capacitors….. and back online now with no problems. perfect advice, thanks!

  • David

    Slingbox solo stops streaming every couple of minutes. Tore my hair out trying to configure my router, checking for fragmented packets, etc. Finally stumbled across this web page. No, it really couldn’t be defective capacitors could it?
    Opened up the Slingbox and sure enough. Both 470 uf caps were bulging. Ran down to Radio shack, bought & replaced the caps and the Slingbox has been running for 5 hours straight with no drop outs.
    Thanks guys, all of us with this problem appreciate the solution!

  • Tomas Johansson

    I had the same problem. Opened up the slingbox, but no bulgin capacitors!
    In fact I even measured them, i have an ESR/Capacitance meter, and they were OK!

    Measured the input votage and found that the power adaptor gave nominal 5.0 volts when not connected to the slingbox, but only 3.8 volts when connected. I teared down the power adaptor by sawing in the groove between the two plastic parts. (Be careful).
    Inside I found two bulgin capacitors 680uF/10V of the famous bad brand CapXon. replaced both and are now up and running again.

  • steve

    I hope this thread is still active. I was really excited to find this thread, because I’ve had the same problem as you all. I opened my SOLO and checked the capacitors, and sure enough, two of them were bulging. I went to Radio Shack, and purchased two 470uF 35v capacitors and went to work. I replaced them, and everything looked fine. Actually a pretty decent soldering job.

    But, now I come home and plug it all in, and I don’t get any power to it at all. Nothing. No lights, not recognized on network.

    Pretty bummed about it all, because it seemed like such a cheap, easy fix. Anyone else run into this?

  • steve

    It was totally fine before I did the soldering, but now it doesn’t work. I’ll try another supply, but it worked as of three days ago – just wouldn’t hold a network connection. Now it doesn’t give me any lights.

    Even a semi-sloppy soldering job wouldn’t have fried the board to make it totally unworkable, would it?

    I’ll run by Altex later and grab a new power supply and hopefully that fixes it.

  • Bob

    Great tip. I opened the slingbox and found both of the 470mf capacitors were bad. Replaced them both and tried to start the box, but nothing happened. I re-soldered one joint and it fired right up. Has been working better than when it was new. Thanks for the diy information. Saved me from buying a new box.

  • Gene

    2 out of 3 bad capacitors, bulging not leaking, changed them out and it works fine again. Thanks for the info!

  • Bud

    I opened it up and found 2 of 3 bulging. Just have to get new ones and get someone to put them in for me as I have no means to do so. It should work. Then I will have 2 working sling boxes! Thanks for the tip.

  • Andy

    I found this site . . . I found that I had bulging capacitors. I went to Radio Shack and spent less than $5. The fix worked. Thank you!

  • bsdaiwa

    I just repaired my Solo and Pro Slingboxes by replacing the bad capacitors. Both units would work for approximately five (5) minutes then the signal would freeze. Once I replaced the capacitors the units work perfectly no more freezing.
    The electrical engineer who helped me told me why the problem existed. According to him, it seems that the Chinese stole the formula for making the capacitors from the Japanese. But, the Japanese had left one key element out of the formula, therefore causing the capacitors to overheat and fail. Again, according to him, it seems this is a well know situation, but it is being ignored by companies that used the capacitors in order to keep costs low.

  • James

    I have had the same problem. I thought it was due to using a wireless repeater. I could sling video for about 5 min. After reading this post, I replaced the capacitors. My problems are now gone. I have been streaming for two solid hours without any interuptions. Thanks Guys !!

  • Chris

    Fixed! Thx man! I replaced 2 bad/bulging 470 uf 16v caps with 2 30v 470 uf caps from Radio Shack for $4 and 20 minutes of my time…so far no failures…now I can watch TV again out at my cabin!

  • active2gether

    I found this forum after Google search for a fix to my freezing SB Solo. So glad I did! I replaced the two bulging capacitors and now my SB works like a charm! Thanks so much for the advice.

  • Graeme Allon

    I was having the issue, searched the net and found this page!

    I bought the two capacitors, replaced them and mine is now working perfectly!

    Firstly thank you so much for sharing this and secondly – it’s such a shame for the non tech-savvy people who either put up with the problem or ditch their Slingboxes!

    Shame on you SlingMedia.

  • dcstager

    My Slingbox SOLO was repaired back in January and is still working fine. What I want to know is if Sling Media is still selling units with the cheap capacitors today? Or did they notice the problem and correct it? Is their back inventory just so huge that they can’t even correct something like this? So, if someone bought a new unit today, are they going to develop the problem we’re all discussing here?

  • Bruno

    Opened Slingbox solo and found 2 of the 3 cap tiers had blown.
    Replaced them and box stayed onected to my IPad with no freezing for over an hour.

  • Sling fan

    This fix worked like a charm! My slingbox had become pretty much unusable with it constantly disconnecting. No more disconnects now.

    Thanks to everybody that contributed to finding this fix!

  • Ray

    Stumbled accross this site in desperation to find a solution for my Solo freezing after 20 seconds. Replaced both caps and in 10 -15 minutes reassembled and working as good as new!!! Thank you for posting this fix!!!

  • Alstone

    I found two bad capacitors both 470uf 16v, being late Saturday night and no chance of getting any new ones until Monday, I found an old video recorder and took a couple of Caps out of it, one was a 600uf 25v and the other a 1000uf 16v, these I fitted and the box was up and running in no time. It now starts up faster and works perfectly.

    Thanks for the information very much appreciated.

  • Julio

    Post #2, yes, I just opened it and there are 2 bulgers. I’m heading out to RS now to pick 2 up. If I get this fixed tonight I’ll be a happy man! Thank you!

  • Julio

    Post #3, I went to the shack and got 2 capacitors part number 272-1030. Removed the 2 plumpy ones and installed these and played the slingbox for about 45 minutes straight in HD so far with no interruptions. This is the best post I read all year!
    Thank you!

  • Mike

    Holy cow!! I paid $0.65 for the two replacement capacitors, spent 20 minutes taking apart the slingbox, soldering and reassembling. It worked!! This saved me the $300 i would have spent buying a new slingbox. Thanks a million!

  • haniwa202

    After almost 2 years of having connectivity and streaming issues with my Pro-HD, I was convinced about this capacitor thing. I prepped to replace them, then found nothing wrong with them upon opening up the box. I discovered my issues were with how I had the thing connected to the internet: Slinglink Turbo plugged into a powerstrip plugged into the wall. It needs to be plugged directly into the outlet. Then I got even better speeds when I stopped using the Turbo and replaced it with a TP-Link Network extender. Awesome streaming now.

  • MickeyS

    Thanks a million, I was worried that because the capacitors said 35V I was going to have problems. I bought extras just in case and some of the one that was good(220uF) in case they go bad. What makes these capacitors go bad?

  • Al A

    Thank you so much for this information. Same problem, took it apart (blew up the warranty but who cares, support kept insisting it was my network and would not fix it). Replaced two bulging 470uf 16v capacitors with some Radio Shack ones and my sling has been working great ever since. I couldn’t run it more then 10 minutes before. You guys rock. The sling is such a cool piece of technology and I love it. But the company is the worst I have ever dealt with.

  • Todd C

    I bought a Slingbox Solo a year and a half ago after having owned an AV for 5 years. Unfortunately my Solo just completely died, no lights or anything working. I saw all the info on the bad capacitors so I opened it up. Inside there are the two 470 mf capacitors that looked fine but there was no 220 mf capacitor at all! The space on the board for it has been soldered but there is no capacitor or remnants of a capacitor anywhere. Has anyone else had a Solo without the third capacitor? I wasn’t sure if they may have changed it in later versions or if I should put one back on the board.

  • Andre

    I have a slingbox solo for 2 years and now it stop working. Well, the lights are on (power and internet), but when i try to connect (PC or iPad) it says the Slingbox wasn’t currently accessible and that wasn’t connected to the internet.
    i tried differents internets ports, different cable, reseting, disconnecting and everything else.
    i also opened the box and the capacitors were, apparently, fine.
    Can anyone help me??

  • Andre

    Thanks @slinguist. The light on the router is on also. As soon as I arrive home I will do the tests and let you know if it worked.

    Thanks so much.

  • Leon

    I found this page MOST helpful. I had tried everything, hard reset, using a different router, same error message. My refurbished sling solo was out of warranty and when talking with Slingbox Support about my issue(error W202, poor internet connection) I was told it was probably caused by ISP throttling down my bandwidth. But for $40 I could get expert advice(I asked about capacitors and the agent seemed to have no idea what I was talking about)… Anyway, I opened up the slingbox and found two bulging capacitors. Went to Radio Shack and bought two 470u 35V capacitors($3.60), went to a TV repairman and had him solder the new capacitors($20) in place, Voila! Slingbox working like new.

  • Phil

    I’ve got a less than a year old(but out of warranty) Slingbox Solo that completely stopped working, and it’s not the caps but a surface mount resistor blew in the power stage. Can someone let me know what’s written on the resistor right under the power connector, looks like it’s labeled FB44. Mine is completely charred in that area, and I’d like to replace it and see if I can get it back up and running rather than write it off.

  • Sherri

    So I just replaced the capacitors on a solo. I tested the caps I removed and low and behold they’re labeled backwards. The stripe down the side of the cap should point to the negative lead. These blown caps have the stripe pointing to the positive lead. After seeing this I’m very surprised that they lasted this long. Caps installed backwards can be very dangerous. I can’t imagine Slingbox doesn’t know about this. They should be required to recall all of these units.

  • djp1285

    My slingbox solo had the same problem so I open it up and had to bad capacitors replace them and everything is working like new. Thanks for all of this help it does work

  • Ryan

    Awesome tutorial! My slingbox solo stopped working about a year or two ago (could not connect at all) out of warranty and I finally decided to search around and see what the problem was. Found this, and sure enough upon opening my slingbox, both capacitors were bulging. Stopped at radio shack and bought two 470uf 35v capacitors and within 30-40 minutes was back up and running!

  • Chris Dukich

    I have a sling solo and now a sling 350 because the solo stopped working. Turns out it was the power supply, my unit didn’t have bulging capacitors inside the unit. My solo’s main light would light up but the network light remained very dim… As soon as I plugged the 350 power supply into the solo, all the boot sequence lights came on and it worked perfectly. Happy slinging!

  • Bob

    Brandon your the best it took me two whole days and time with tech support HA! Didn’t get my $30 to find your info thank you thank you. Bought it on e-bay thought i was sunk. You were right on with those caps, Was wondering dose the HDMI connection to the TV (using HDMI for viewing on TV.) mute the audio out (RCA jacks) cause i have no audio on my laptop, going to check if a cable is loose put everything back just asking before i have to pull everything out.